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The Middle Temple Murder

J. S. Fletcher

Book Overview: 

The dead body of a man is found on the steps to some chambers of Middle Temple Lane, near London’s law courts. A journalist and a young lawyer start investigating.

This classic murder mystery was written by J.S. Fletcher, himself a lawyer turned journalist and author.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Oh, well!" said Mr. Aylmore. "I don't mind. The fact is, I knew next to nothing. Marbury was a man with whom I had some—well, business relations, of a sort, a great many years ago. It must be twenty years—perhaps more—since I lost sight of him. When he came up to me in the lobby the other night, I had to make an effort of memory to recall him. He wished me, having once met me, to give him some advice, and as there was little doing in the House that night, and as he had once been—almost a friend—I walked to his hotel with him, chatting. He told me that he had only landed from Australia that morning, and what he wanted my advice about, principally, was—diamonds. Australian diamonds."

"I was unaware," remarked Spargo, "that diamonds were ever found in

Mr. Aylmore smiled—a little cynically.

"Perhaps so," he said. "But diamonds have been found in Australia from time . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I think in some respects you've got to take this for what it is; because by today's standards this murder mystery is very tame and twee. But it was written in 1919 or so - it's kicking on 100 years - and there is something rather warm and comforting about it, like coming home. It's a wonderful me...more

A dead man is found on Middle Temple Lane and the one clue, a piece of paper with the address of a young lawyer on it, seems to have no connection to the death whatsoever...
This young lawyer however, and Spargo a journalist longing for a big story and an adventure, decide to solve the mystery......more

When Spargo, the reporter for the Watchman, happens upon a man who has just found a dead body, he stumbles into a shocking story of murder and intrigue in the heart of the wealthy (and presumed safe) Middle Temple neighborhood. A few thoughts:

- Unlike a lot of mysteries from this era, the inspec...more

A mysterious victim...

When young newspaper editor Frank Spargo happens upon a murder scene late one night, his journalistic instincts lead him to follow the story. Fortunately the police detective in charge of the case doesn’t seem to have a problem with sharing all the evidence with a journalist...more

As the year-end drive to clean out my e-book pile continues, I came across this one that had mysteriously wormed its way into my possession. "Mysteriously" because, as a general rule, I don't like murder mysteries. I've read a couple and the twists and turns, happenstance, etc., just don't appeal...more

Frank Spargo is a young journalist who has just finished his shift as dawn breaks across London and plans to make his way home for breakfast and a good, long sleep. As he passes Middle Temple Lane, home to various barristers and the like, he notices Driscoll, a policeman of his acquaintance, look...more

Another intriguing murder mystery by J. S. Fletcher. Nice variety of characters, none of whom was overtly portrayed as a bad guy until late in the story. This time the police department worked hand in hand with a bright young journalist who was investigating the mystery for his newspaper.

First p...more

from my Amazon review: What a great find here on Amazon. I only found it as a recommendation due to my taste profile, and the likelihood of ever seeing it at the library would be nil to none. Published 1919. No computerized data banks with information for detectives so all hands on deck to solve...more

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