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Melmoth the Wanderer - Volume 4

Charles Robert Maturin

Book Overview: 

One of the first horror novels, it tells the story of Melmoth, who sells his soul so he could have an extended life. Throughout the novel, he wanders around the world in search of someone who would replace him and lift his curse. It is known for its many sub-plots, the true horror it makes one feel, and its criticism of the Catholic church. This is certainly one of the most important books of all times, quoted in countless other works, and praised by authors and critics alike.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Guzman’s health began to amend,—and in less than a week he began to walk about his chamber, and calculate what time it might take an express to reach Germany, and how soon he might expect intelligence from his family.

“Some months had passed away, and the priests took advantage of the interval to get about Guzman. But after exhausting every effort of ingenuity,—after plying him powerfully but unavailingly on the side of conscience, of duty, of fear, and of religion,—they began to understand their interest, and change their battery. And finding that the settled purpose of Guzman’s soul was not to be changed, and that he was determined on recalling his sister and her family to Spain, they contented themselves with requiring that he should have no communication with the heretic family, except through them,—and never see his sister or her children unless they were witnesses to the interview.

“This . . . Read More

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--Melmoth the Wanderer

Explanatory Notes

Where do I begin with this one? To say I've been working on it thirty years plus would be bragging. I first encountered Melmoth in HP Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror in Literature, where he praised it to the rafters. I spent a summer working as a delivery man while in college, so I read the first pa

There's an old story told by Ezra Pound--I believe it can be found either in "The ABC of Reading" or "From Confucius to Cummings"--about a retired sea captain, determined to improve his primary school Latin, who was tasked by his tutor (the local vicar or schoolmaster) with reading Vergil's Aeneid.

Considerato un capolavoro della letteratura gotica, Melmoth l’errante è un romanzo che racchiude in sé avventura, amore, gli orrori dell’Inquisizione e una feroce critica del cattolicesimo in un susseguirsi di racconti legati tra loro dalla misteriosa figura di Melmoth, personificazione del Male con

Melmoth the Wanderer was definitely my kind of gothic novel. It was dark and sinister, often ghastly, and overwhelmingly elegant. Melmoth is a protagonist you won’t soon forget.

One complaint: 660 pages? Really, publisher?? You couldn’t possibly have added 6 more pages, perhaps by way of an afterword

Τι εγραψε ο ανθρωπος;!

Ενα γοτθικο μυθιστορημα του Ιρλανδου Maturin! Αδιαμφισβητητη η συγγραφικη του δεινοτητα. Οι γνωσεις του κ η μορφωση του διαφαινονται σε ολο το κειμενο. (αν κ ειχε πολλες παραπομπες, γνωμικα κτλ.)

Τον Μελμοθ τον λατρεψα! Ενας υπηρετης του διαβολου. Ενας ηρωας που περιπλανιεται

Ο Maturin,ένας Ιρλανδός εκκεντρικός κληρικός έγραψε αυτό το βιβλίο γοτθικού ρομαντισμού το 1820.

"Μέλμοθ ο περιπλανώμενος", μια ιστορία που συντίθεται απο πολλές άλλες ιστορίες και όλες μαζί σχηματίζουν ένα ενιαίο σύνολο που ορίζει την μετάλλαξη, τη μοναξιά και το Κακό σε απόλυτη απομόνωση απο το Κα

This book is technically an awful novel. It at one point reaches 4 nested narratives within the main one. Each nested narrative is closer to the ending of the book, and the last bit of the outward narrative makes up a couple chapters. The relations are mostly just Melmoth- little else combines them

Melmoth the Wanderer, Charles Robert Maturin

Melmoth the Wanderer is an 1820 Gothic novel by Irish playwright, novelist and clergyman Charles Maturin.

The novel's title character is a scholar who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for 150 extra years of life, and searches the world for someone wh

Μετά από μια όμορφη συνανάγνωση στην Λέσχη του Βιβλίου, τελείωσε ο Μέλμοθ...

Θεωρώ πως είναι ένα καλό γοτθικό μυθιστόρημα το οποίο όμως αν ήταν 300 σελίδες λιγότερο θα ήταν ακόμα πιο δυνατό.
Το βιβλίο ουσιαστικά είναι ιστορίες μέσα σε ιστορίες οι οποίες έχουν σαν κεντρικό χαρακτήρα τον καταραμένο Μέλμ

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