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Mary Stuart

Alexandre Dumas

Book Overview: 

The third volume is devoted to the story of Mary Queen of Scots, another woman who suffered a violent death, and around whose name an endless controversy has waged. Dumas goes carefully into the dubious episodes of her stormy career, but does not allow these to blind his sympathy for her fate. Mary, it should be remembered, was closely allied to France by education and marriage, and the French never forgave Elizabeth the part she played in the tragedy.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Everyone applauded, even Ruthven, who, still pale and feverish from riotous living, promised not to be behindhand. The only point changed, on Morton’s suggestion, was that the murder should take place next day; for, in the opinion of all, not less than a day’s interval was needed to collect the minor conspirators, who numbered not less than five hundred.

The next day, which was Saturday, March 9th, 1566, Mary Stuart, who had inherited from her father, James V, a dislike of ceremony and the need of liberty, had invited to supper with her six persons, Rizzio among the number. Darnley, informed of this in the morning, immediately gave notice of it to the conspirators, telling them that he himself would let them into the palace between six and seven o’clock in the evening. The conspirators replied that they would be in readiness.

The morning had been dark and stormy, as nearly all the first days of spring are in Scotland, and to. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Classified as fiction, but it reads more like a 19th Century "true crime" docudrama of 16th Century events. I'm not sure whether Dumas serialized this or when he was writing it, stopped partway through and then returned to it later. For the first 100 or so pages, it's pretty much straight history, a

Doveva essere una semplice cronaca sugli ultimi anni di vita di Mary Stuart, e invece alla fine si è rivelato un racconto talmente appassionante che non riuscivo a staccar gli occhi dalle pagine. A questo punto, nessun dubbio: Dumas riuscirebbe a rendere interessante anche la mia lista della spesa.

Julie Christe reads Dumas! What more do you want?

Seriously though, this is a pretty good, if historically suspect, story about Mary Queen of Scots.

Mary Stuart Queen of Scots was held captive for 19 years before being sentenced to the block by her cousin Elizabeth the First. The former's Grandma, Margaret Tudor, was the elder sister of the latter's dad, Henry the VIII.
Dumas tells of the deadly games of power that cost the candid and badly coun

Ano passado, tatuei no braço esquerdo uma frase de Mary Stuart, a Rainha da Escócia: "my heart is my own". Nessa obra de Alexandre Dumas, que conta os percalços e tragédias dessa rainha, fica ainda mais claro que seguir seu coração pode ter medidas irreparáveis, mas que nos tornam quem nós somos. Ma

O livro surpreendeu-me como novela histórica porque sempre saio da leitura desse segmento frustrado com a mistura inadequada de ficção e realidade histórica. Dumas, é verdade, dramatiza e romanceia os diálogos sem que isso possa comprometer historicamente a novela, mas o cerne da vida de Mary Stuart

Seriously interesting and intriguing read

‎ولدت ماري ستيوارت في قصر لينليثغو في ديسمبر ١٥٤٢
‎ ابنة جيمس الخامس من اسكتلندا وماري أوف جيز
‎بعد ستة أيام من ولادتها توفي والدها ، وأصبحت ملكة اسكتلندا
‎منذ الطفولة المبكرة؛ خططت الفصائل المتنافسة المؤيدة
‎للإنجليز والمؤيدة لفرنسا في اسكتلندا للسيطرة على ماري
‎تم اختيار أمها الفرنسية كوصي، وأرسلت ماري

This book is where I caught the love of the English courts and monarch life styles in the 1800's, Dumas is a fantastic writer, love!

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