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Married Love

Marie Stopes

Book Overview: 

Married Love" is one of the most famous 'sex education' manuals. First published in 1918, it sold tens of thousands of copies, and was one of the first publications to openly discuss issues such as variations in male and female sexual desire in a form which could be easily read and understood by the ordinary reader.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It has happened many times in human history that individuals have not only been able to conquer this natural craving for a mate, but have set up celibacy as a higher ideal. In its most beautiful expression and sublimest manifestations, the celibate ideal has proclaimed a world-wide love, in place of the narrower human love of home and children. Many saints and sages, reformers and dogmatists have modelled their lives on this ideal. But such individuals cannot be taken as the standard of the race, for they are out of its main current: they are branches which may flower, but never fruit in a bodily form.

In this world our spirits not only permeate matter but find their only expression through its medium.[5] So long as we are human we must have bodies, and bodies obey chemical and physiological, as well as spiritual laws.

If our race as a whole set out to pursue an ideal which must ultimately eliminate bodies altogether, it is clear that very soon we s. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It is always difficult to decide how to rate something that is clearly the product of a different time period. Four stars would be too generous were I using it to say "I found the information in this book to be useful to my every day life" in the way the author clearly intended for it to be. However

I'm just 100 years late to read this book, but even though they are just discovering hormones, this book was really inspiring and so ahead of its time in terms of women's sex life and married life in general. The book is life-changing ❤️

Help for an entire generation who were bad in bed.

Marie Stopes, ScD, PhD broke ground with her 1918 revolutionary and soon banned book dedicated to husbands who want to do the job right. This marriage manual reflects anecdotal research and represents the limited the knowledge of the time from a wom

Yes, it's a little outdated, but you can still see why it caused such a stir among the prim British set. I giggled at some passages and found myself agreeing with the author on several points. I would not recommend it today, given it's emphasis on gender roles, but if you're interested in the histor

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Marie Stopes was a very active British eugenicist in early 20th Century Britain. She was so devoted to her cause that she disowned her son when he married a women with eyeglasses, due to a genetic condition. This is her first published work outside of her primary field of paleobotany. It's an amusin

Remarkably open and up-to-date, written in very English upperclass but also scientific style. Shocking to read of totally sex-ignorant women who killed themselves, traumatized on their wedding night. Hilarious fact: all the tagged-on "editor's notes" were actually very outdated - "using condoms is b

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