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The Man Who Saw the Future

Edmond Hamilton

Book Overview: 

An assistant apothecary in 1444 Paris is investigating mysterious thunderclaps in a field, when he is plucked from his time and deposited in the miraculous world of the future.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ysteries, but so strong was my desire to know, that many times I concerned myself with matters forbidden.

"I had sought to know the nature of the lightning, and the manner of flight of the birds, and the way in which fishes are able to live beneath the waters, and the mystery of the stars. So when these thunderclaps began to be heard in the part of Paris in which I lived, I did not fear them so much as my neighbors. I was eager to learn only what was causing them, for it seemed to me that their cause might be learned.

"So I began to go to that field from which they issued, to study them. I waited in it and twice I heard the great thunderclaps myself. I thought they came from near the field's center, and I studied that place. But I could see nothing there that was causing them. I dug in the ground, I looked up for hours into the sky, but there was nothing. And still, at intervals, the thunderclaps sounded.

"I still kept going to . . . Read More

Community Reviews

“But tush--enough of these crazy fancies. They will have me for a sorcerer if I yield to these wild fancies and visions of the future."
-- Well.. That's the story in a nutshell..
The oft-used plot,with a simple presentation,it's a good read for few minutes. You get the whole wonder of 'the time machi

-Who wouldn’t??

Who wouldn’t like to see the future? Take a peep at a screen, or enchanted crystal-ball, to have a glimpse of the shape of things yet to come?

This was a story (Hamilton's) I read and heard about while at the same time I was getting to read other future & past-concerned stories.

One (a

Excellent listening

Quaint but pointless

No real story here. Just a medieval person describing the far future of 1944. It provides an amusingly quaint glimpse of an imagined retro future and is a very quick read.

Good story. Sad but realistic ending.

Time travel as described is not possible unless multiple parallel universes exist; I think they don't.
The sorcerer could have saved himself just as the time travelers did, by bringing some proof back.
Objectify man.

Fun read -- mainly for what the author thought was modern in 1930!

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