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The Maids Tragedy

Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

Book Overview: 

Beaumont and Fletcher's The Maid's Tragedy is a sensational Jacobean sex tragedy. When gentleman soldier Melantius returns to Rhodes, he finds his dear friend Amintor is recently married - but not to his troth-plight love Aspatia (the maid of the title). Instead, the King has arranged a match between Amintor and Melantius' sister, the beautiful Evadne. On his wedding night, Amintor finds that his new wife has married him under false pretenses - and this unleashes a torrent of dire consequences, sexual, emotional, and ultimately political.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Alas, I pity thee. [Exit Evadne.

Omnes. Madam, goodnight.

1 Lady. Come, we'l let in the Bridegroom.

Dul. Where's my Lord?

1 Lady. Here take this light.

[Enter Amintor.

Dul. You'l find her in the dark.

1 Lady. Your Lady's scarce a bed yet, you must help her.

Asp. Go and be happy in your Ladies love;
                 May all the wrongs that you have done to me,
                 Be utterly forgotten in my death.
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Community Reviews

3.5 stars.

I really liked this play because the women took an active role in seizing their revenge. Evadne killed the King for robbing her of honor, and Aspatia beat up Amintor to get him to take her request to duel seriously. Of course, the ending was like most revenge tragedies, but I didn’t expect

This is my favorite revenge tragedy I’ve read. Had very dynamic female characters for its time and I enjoyed their agency (something that had been lacking in all other revenge stories of this time). Incredibly witty/ tongue in cheek dialogue.

Melodrama sex tragedy. Regrettably it has more to say about politics than sex, and even there it's not totally a success -- for we 2000ites or for the touchy Jacobins -- since it fails to achieve the equivocation it really ought to on the subject of regicide. The language is... efficient throughout;

melantius and amintor were in love and i can prove it

'All you spirits of abused ladies, / Help me in this performance.' (Evadne, IV.i.173-4).

The Maid aggrieved, we are soon told, is Aspatia, of Rhodes. The tragedy is that she was betrothed to Amintor, a noble at court, but the King forbade the marriage, and forced him to marry Evadne, the reason why w

This tragedy is steeped in the mores of its time. Such a comment might appear to be a statement of the obvious, but whereas Shakespeare and also Webster or Jonson within the compass of the mores and customs of their time, strain at the leash by the nature of their imagination and ability, this play

*WARNING - You're about to head into Spoiler Town, please turn around if this is not your intended destination*

*Disclaimer - this is required reading for university*

Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've reviewed a book! Life, as it inevitably does, got in the way, and what better way to get out of a

4.7 stars

An engaging play that subverts feminine stereotypes of the time and shows the dangers of both political and masculine power. Both primary women rise up and act in a way unexpected of them with the highlight of the play being Evadne's brutal and bloody murder of her "lover" the king. (Just h

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