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The Magic of Oz

L. Frank Baum

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Book Excerpt: 
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“No,” said the Nome, trying to deceive him. “I don’t care to be king of Oz, come to think it over. I don’t even care to live in that country. What I want first is revenge. If we can conquer Oz, I’ll get enough magic then to conquer my own kingdom of the Nomes, and I’ll go back and live in my underground caverns, which are more home-like than the top of the earth. So here’s my proposition: Help me conquer Oz and get revenge, and help me get the magic away from Glinda and the Wizard, and I’ll let you be King of Oz forever afterward.”

“I’ll think it over,” answered Kiki, and that is all he would say that evening.


In the night when all in the Inn were asleep but himself, old Ruggedo the Nome, rose softly from his couch and went into the room of Kiki Aru the Hyup, and searched everywhere for the magic tool that performed his transformations. Of course, th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I was obsessed with all things Oz while I was growing up.
I wasn't allowed to watch the film for years, so in the meantime I wrote stories about what I thought Oz would be like.
Finally I watched the film at age seven, and then I also read the first book.
The book is very, very different from the film!

This one was a pretty fun adventure with a bunch of different plot lines happening and fun twists of the story with plenty of familiar characters to keep it fun.

Ozma birthday is coming up and a party must be thrown! Meanwhile a couple of baddies are trying to turn the whole forest of wild beasts ag

This is a good classic Oz story. There is some wandering around, an overarching (though ludicrously unimportant) goal (really? you wrote a whole book about looking for birthday presents for Ozma?), my favorite villain (Ruggedo all the way! although I really enjoy Kaliko's three trial rooms in Rinkit

Kids, learn this word: "Pyrzqxgl!" It's right up there with "xyzzy" in importance. I can't tell you how to pronounce it since I've never heard it spoken, but keep trying different ways and you might suddenly hit on it. (If you do, kindly drop me a message and let me know.)

I think my favorite seconda

A delightful romp with the Oz characters, as they have fun working on exciting surprises for Princess Ozma's birthday.

It's a great journey to be a part of -- even if some of the story is a little cheesy. There are some fun elements in the plot.

COYER Read a book with a Talking Animal: 3

Not the best Oz book but not the worst, either. The plot is a little scattershot and it's difficult to care much about the protagonists' goals (finding a birthday present for Ozma). It also peters out a little at the end.

There's still plenty of the usual Oz magic on display, though, and I did enjoy

Well, this one wasn’t a favorite. I enjoyed it in 6th grade when I read it the first time, but by and large I’d rate it on par with DotWiz. While there are parts of the book, particularly those segments focused on the Magic Isle and the Magic Flower, that are wonderful...there’s a lot of recycled st

Another cute Oz story, but not at all my favorite. The plot was thin (thinner than usual - the "main plot" was Dorothy and Trot going on a quest to find a birthday present for Ozma.) The subplot had more potential - a selfish Munchkin boy who gets ahold of a magic word of transformation, and he relu

A lazy good-for-nothing inhabitant of the Land of Oz

stumbled upon a magic work which transforms anything and anybody into anything and anybody. The guy completely lacked any ambition whatsoever so it would not be too bad, but he teamed up with a bad and ambitious villain from the previous books. Th

En este aparecieron algunos personajes que no me gustan mucho, como el ex Rey de los Nomos, Ruggedo, que siempre quiere hacer mal a la gente de Oz, y eso, en general, me exaspera.
En esta ocasión se alía con un niño Munchkin que es muy amargado, y deciden conquistar Oz.

Lo que rescato de esta entreg

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