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Book Excerpt: 
. . .r a kind of virtue; and they had not in the age of Plato reached the point of regarding it, like justice, as a form or attribute of virtue. They had another perplexity: 8) How could one of the noblest feelings of human nature be so near to one of the most detestable corruptions of it? (Compare Symposium; Laws).

Leaving the Greek or ancient point of view, we may regard the question in a more general way. Friendship is the union of two persons in mutual affection and remembrance of one another. The friend can do for his friend what he cannot do for himself. He can give him counsel in time of difficulty; he can teach him 'to see himself as others see him'; he can stand by him, when all the world are against him; he can gladden and enlighten him by his presence; he 'can divide his sorrows,' he can 'double his joys;' he can anticipate his wants. He will discover ways of helping him without creating a sense of his own superiority; he will find out his mental trials, . . . Read More

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The Trial of Socrates and Rolf Harris (part 1)

[A courtroom at The Hague. SOCRATES, ROLF HARRIS, various COUNSELS and COURT FUNCTIONARIES, JOURNALISTS and members of the PUBLIC]

COURT USHER: The case of Zeus versus Socrates and Rolf Harris, Lord Justice Cocklecarrot presiding, all rise, all rise.


"I do not quite follow you, he said"
and I felt that
i vsichkoto tova zashtoto socrat e wingman i ally

And I would rather have a good friend than the best cock

Lysis is the Plato dialogue on Friendship.

After a preliminary discussion with Lysis about his parents and the things he is and not premitted to do, Menexenus enters into the dialogue and the focus shifts to friendship.

Socrates says, "I should

«لوسیس» ، یکی دیگر از رسالات دیالوگ گونه یِ افلاطون است که در بابِ مفهوم و چیستیِ «دوستی» نوشته شده. شاید مواجهه با لفظِ «دوستی» در نظرمان چنان بنماید که گویی به یقین می دانیم معنایِ دوستی چیست... اما سقراط ، که افلاطون از قولِ او دیالوگ ها را نگاشته است، نظر دیگری دارد... سقراط با دو نوجوان آتنی، ل

Un percorso sull'amicizia e sull'infanzia. Attuale anche dopo 2500 anni

This dialogue is normally grouped along with Laches and Charmides as an early, inconclusive dialogue. They are also alike in providing amusing portraits of life in Athens. This dialogue, for example, has a humorous beginning. Ctesippus complains to Socrates that Hippothales is always going on about

After a little small talk about the boy and his "favourite" other boy (his lover), Socrates jumps right into the main issue which is: what is the nature of friendship?

Socrates gives a definition ...
Then another one ...
Then another one ...
Then he says to himself that his "head is dizzy (my head too)

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