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Louis Lambert

Honoré de Balzac

Book Overview: 

This novel contains a minimal plot, focusing mostly on the metaphysical ideas of its boy-genius protagonist and his only friend (eventually revealed to be Balzac himself). Although it is not a significant example of the realist style for which Balzac became famous, the novel provides insight into the author’s own childhood. Specific details and events from the author’s life – including punishment from teachers and social ostracism – suggest a fictionalized autobiography.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . to affect the pelvis of kings, to soften their cerebral tissue, and so degenerate the race, what deep-seated mischief, physical and moral, must result in schoolboys from the constant lack of air, exercise, and cheerfulness!

Indeed, the rules of punishment carried out in schools deserve the attention of the Office of Public Instruction when any thinkers are to be found there who do not think exclusively of themselves.

We incurred the infliction of an imposition in a thousand ways. Our memory was so good that we never learned a lesson. It was enough for either of us to hear our class-fellows repeat the task in French, Latin, or grammar, and we could say it when our turn came; but if the master, unfortunately, took it into his head to reverse the usual order and call upon us first, we very often did not even know what the lesson was; then the imposition fell in spite of our most ingenious excuses. Then we always put off writing our exercises till the l. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A beautiful novel by the great French novelist Balzac’s novel sequence “La Comedie Humane”, which fall into the “Etude Philosophic” section of the sequence! The novel seems to focus on the life and particularly the thoughts of the genius boy protagonist “Louis Lambert”, who was fascinated by the phi

This is a rather short, rather interesting part of Balzac's La Comédie Humaine. It is considered to be his most autobiographical novel. The unnamed narrator meets Louis Lambert at school and they become friends. This is also one of the earliest of the novels (published 1832) and was written well bef

A peculiar novella, this is along the lines of what I would have expected from something classified as a "Philosophical Study" (unlike the Wild Ass's Skin, which was actually more of a conventional novel).

Louis Lambert is recounted in the first person by a narrator who appears to be Balzac and is fo

Gerçekçi romanın gelmiş geçmiş en büyük ustası sayılan Balzac'ın çocukluğuna atıfların bolca bulunduğu bir nevi otobiyografik bir eser olan Lambert, bir olay kurgusundan daha çok bir çocuğun ruh dünyasının perdelerini aralamaya çalışıyor gibi. Çok keyif aldığımı söyleyemeyeceğim ne yazık ki.

Kreapelin, Bleuler öncesi şizofreni anlatımı, hazine bulmuş gibi hissettim okuduktan sonra.

“Doğada eşit adımlarla ilerleyen, ilerledikçe de kendi kendine eklenerek çoğalan o güç, her şeyi üreten o A + A, toplumda yıkıcı bir güç oluyor. Bugünkü politika insan güçlerini herhangi bir amaç uğrunda birleştirerek düzenleyecek yerde, etkilerini hiçe indirmek için bunları birbirine karşı kullanıy

Δεν είναι απο τα καλύτερα του. Ομως η περίπτωση του Λουί είναι ιδιαίτερη, διαφορετική. Πιο πολύ μου άρεσε η αναφορά της καθημερινότητάς στο κολλέγιο Βαντομ. Η αυστηρότητα των εσωκλειστων μαθητών της εποχής εκείνης.

I first became intrigued by this relatively obscure philosophical novel by Balzac when I found that Henry James had named the protagonist of his great novel The Ambassadors, Louis Lambert Strether, after the title character. The novel has been difficult to find in a print edition; now I have it in a

Mi dispiace ma non sono entrata in sintonia con questo romanzo di Balzac, uno degli scrittori che prediligo. Più che un romanzo ho letto un trattato di filosofia, religione, etica...troppo cervellotico, non il
solito grande romanziere Balzac

Honore de Balzac’ın “Felsefi İncelemeler” başlığı altında bir araya gelen romanlardan biri olan “Louis Lambert”, yazarın süslü diline bir kere daha şahitlik olduğumuz “istenç” ve “inanç” kavramlarını inceleyen bir nevi otobiyografik bir roman. Yazarın ilk ağızdan genç yaşlarda tanıdığı yaşıtlarından

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