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The Little White Bird

J. M. Barrie

Book Overview: 

"A children's book, sharp social commentary and sad psychological thriller about a man's search for a sense of belonging. All in one amazing and lyrical collection. This is the first book in which Peter Pan starts to appear. His adventure in Kensington Gardens are first narrated here. Other than that, it offers a magical portrait of contemporary London, and a realistic tale of a family to which every one of us could have belonged.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .She entered none of them, but paced slowly and shrinking from observation up and down the street, a very figure of shame; and never had I thought to read shame in the sweet face of Mary A——. Had I crossed to her and pronounced her name I think it would have felled her, and yet she remained there, waiting. I, too, was waiting for him, wondering if this was the man, or this, or this, and I believe I clutched my stick.

Did I suspect Mary? Oh, surely not for a moment of time. But there was some foolishness here; she was come without the knowledge of her husband, as her furtive manner indicated, to a meeting she dreaded and was ashamed to tell him of; she was come into danger; then it must be to save, not herself but him; the folly to be concealed could never have been Mary's. Yet what could have happened in the past of that honest boy from the consequences of which she might shield him by skulking here? Could that laugh of his have survived a dishonour?. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Little White Bird by James Barrie is a fanciful story about childhood. The main character is an older man who in a way represents Barrie himself and his relationship with another family. The story begins with him talking to a young boy named David who happens to be the other main character in th

I decided to read The Little White Bird because I happen to currently live near Kensington Gardens and regularly walk around them. On one of these occasions, I came across the famous statue of Peter Pan that was erected on the place Peter initially lands near the Long Water Lake in the Little White


This was WONDERFUL. Barrie is such a talented writer and this little book really pulls on some heart strings. This, although many might not know, is the first instance of Peter Pan. It is a story that our narrator tells his son, and it takes up a decent chunk of this book (I originally th

I was really afraid to read this book since it is so old and I knew the language would be tedious for me, but what I didn't expect that I would enjoy Captin W and David's adventure in Kesington Garden this much <3
So, the story is about a bachelor name Captin W and somehow he get tangled with a girl

I picked this up after reading the Peter and the Starcatchers series and then reading the original Peter and Wendy by Barrie and enjoying it. This is supposed to be the introduction of Peter Pan in a few middle chapters and I wanted to complete the set, so to speak.

Barrie is an amazing writer and re

J. M. Barrie, of course, is the author of Peter and Wendy, the book upon which is based many incarnations of the "Peter Pan" tale. What is curious to learn, however, is that Peter Pan made his first appearance in The Little White Bird, as the hero of a tale spun for a small boy by the older gentlema


JM Barrie is a fascinating author.with his ability to make you feel like a child as well as to interact with the story is remarkable

[[This book is also the origin of the Peter Pan mythos, although that story is rather a diversion from the main story, just as The Three Musketeers was a diversion from Dumas' main story.]]

A fun little book, most enjoyable. It has ever and anon been my practice, when a book has been finished, to fin

This is the first occurrence of the character of Peter Pan in the author's works: Peter's story appears as a story told by the protagonist to a young boy.

The protagonist is one of the most intriguing characters I have ever encountered in literature. He is simultaneously repugnant, sweet beyond words

For starters, this is a J. M. Barrie book, which means that, like any J. M. Barrie book, the writing style is polarizing. Some readers will find him utterly, utterly charming, and others will find him cloying and twee. I can't predict which reader you will be, but I happen to like the way Mr. Barrie

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