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The Little Angel and Other Stories

Leonid Andreyev

Book Overview: 

This is a volume of short works by Leonid Andreyev.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The mason with the beard, which was in places whitened with lime, turned round in silence—the gendarme's face was severe and imposing—in silence he followed the direction of the gendarme's finger, took up the brick, trimmed it, and in silence put it back in its place. The gendarme gave me a severe look and went away; but the seductive interest in the work was stronger than his sense of dignity. When he had made a couple of turns on the platform, he again came to a standstill in front of the workmen, adopting a somewhat careless and contemptuous pose. But his face no longer showed signs of boredom.

I went to the wood, and when I was returning through the station it was one o'clock, the workmen were resting, and the place was empty as usual. But some one was busying himself about the unfinished wall; it was the gendarme. He was taking up bricks, and finishing the fifth row. I could only catch a sight of his broad, tightly stretched back, but it was expr. . . Read More

Community Reviews

ENGLISH: This edition contains 16 stories by Andreiev. Interesting set of short stories by the author of the play He Who Gets Slapped, who has been called the Russian Edgar Allan Poe. His stories are supposed to be very dark, but not all of them are, the same as happens with Poe.

My favorites: "Berga

Andreyev's particular brand of expressionist sorrow is a difficult balancing act, and an unfortunate chunk of stories in this collection end up collapsing under the weight of their own baroque miseries. That said, the best pieces in the collection are towering examples of expressionist fiction, part

هحط تقييمات لكل قصة و نوفيلا لوحدها و بعد كده هحاول اتكلم عن كل واحده او علي الاقل علي اللي فاكره عنها لان انا بقرأ الكتاب متقطع بقالي شهرين تقريبًا
الفوز الكبير 3/5
القصة دي كانت غريبة جدًا بتتكلم عن المقامرة عمومًا و الشخصية النحس اللي لازم تكون علي كل منضدة مقامرة بيكسب في الآخر بس بعد ما بيموت من

أول قراءة لآندرييف..
واسم جديد يلمع بالنسبة لي في سماء الادب الروسي الواسعة، المرصعة بالنجوم
التقييم للقصص ككل، وطبعاً فهناك تباين فيما بينها
قصة الملاك الصغير كانت شاعرية ورقيقة فوق الوصف، شعرت بها وكأني في ذلك البيت، أمام الموقد، أنظر إلى الملاك وروحي تسمو بداخلي بلا كلمات تصف ما يحدث.. لكن آندرييف و

Moving, tragic, doom-laden, depressing even. Some stories I found a little 'out there' - couldn't get a grip on these. Never been good with modernist authors. Wonderful evocations of the lost Russian peasant, the office clerk, the ordinary man. No women that I can recall. Anyway, well worth reading

I first came across Leonid Andreyev in a rather unconventional place -- a 1927 issue of Weird Tales magazine. The story was "Lazarus," and it struck me as an incredibly modern story, far ahead of it's time. It was written in 1906, but it's themes of human insignificance and it's cosmic tone made it

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