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The Life of Flavius Josephus

Flavius Josephus

Book Overview: 

The Life of Josephus is an autobiographical text written by Josephus in approximately 94-99 CE – possibly as an appendix to his Antiquities of the Jews – where the author for the most part re-visits the events of the War, apparently in response to allegations made against him by Justus of Tiberias.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .alileans had that great kindness for me, and fidelity to me, that when their cities were taken by force, and their wives and children carried into slavery, they did not so deeply lament for their own calamities, as they were solicitous for my preservation. But when John saw this, he envied me, and wrote to me, desiring that I would give him leave to come down, and make use of the hot-baths of Tiberias for the recovery of the health of his body. Accordingly, I did not hinder him, as having no suspicion of any wicked designs of his; and I wrote to those to whom I had committed the administration of the affairs of Tiberius by name, that they should provide a lodging for John, and for such as should come with him, and should procure him what necessaries soever he should stand in need of. Now at this time my abode was in a village of Galilee, which is named Cans.

17. But when John was come to the city of Tiberias, he persuaded the men to revolt from their fidelity . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The first half of the book is a chronological exposition of the "Old Testament". The second half is an eye witness account of the war of the Jews and the Roman Empire including the fall of Jerusalem. It is very detailed with graphic imagery.

Nope, I cannot claim to have read this volume from cover-to-cover, but I have read much of it... including the spurious accounts of his own conversion to Christianity.

It's been a while, but as I recall, Flavius Josephus was a Jewish scholar writing a history of his people for the Romans. Jewish scho

This is a fascinating work that deserves its place in literature and history.

While this is quite a tome, it can be broken down into sections that I appreciated for different reasons.

1. The work opens with the history of the origins of the Jews. For those who are familiar with the Old Testament, it

The ancient Jewish historian Josephus is remembered for all the wrong reasons. Biblical scholars love to study him because of the parallels between his writing and what is contained in the Old Testament. Christians also love Josephus because of two paragraphs in which Jesus Christ is mentioned. Rea

This book is not a slog whatsoever. There are parts where Josephus excels in his story telling. Such as when he describes the Roman Legion’s order of battle and what their day to day regime consisted of and why they are the finest fighting force the world has ever seen up to that point, or when Jose

I enjoyed this book and structuring. The book acts as an abbreviated commentary from the beginning of The Bible up to the times of King Herod. I found the writing clear and not complicating the Biblical passages it was examining. I will use this as a study-aid and reference to Biblical study.

The boo

Као што знамо, Јосиф Флавије био је познати јеврејски историчар и војсковођа... с тим да, на примјер, ја појма нисам имао да је био и ово друго док нисам прочитао књигу, што само говори о томе колико појма благог немам са историјом било чега. Било како било, ова сабрана дјела састоје се од два главн

I gave this book a "4" for a couple reasons. First of all, the 200 or so pages in The Antiquities of the Jews that cover the Herodian Dynasty are really intriguing. The political maneuverings, the personal friendships with Antony and Roman Caesars, as well as the antipathy of Cleopatra towards Herod

Heavy, heavy, heavy reading. Unless you're a history nut, or you are insane, leave this one alone. It does possess some interesting nuggets in amongst the endless tales of paranoid and violent despots, but the language is almost impossible to understand: long sentences with weird syntax and very big

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