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Letters to His Children

Theodore Roosevelt

Book Overview: 

The strong, vigorous, exalted character of a doting father who loved playing with his children and their pets, even while serving as the President of the United States, stands revealed in this selection of letters he wrote his children throughout their school years. They shed light on the cheerful man who remained throughout his life as pure and gentle as the soul of a child, plus many little reveals that there were squirrels nesting in the presidential bedroom, rats in the basement, and children's pranks that damaged the White House artwork! Many of these letters are considered valuable guides for youth in all ranks of life, notably those on the relative merits of civil and military careers, and the proper proportions of sport and study. Only a short time before he died, Teddy Roosevelt said "I would rather have this book published than anything that has ever been written about me."

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .We also go out rowing together, taking our lunch and a book or two with us. The children fairly worship her, as they ought to, for a more devoted mother never was known. The children themselves are as cunning and good as possible. Ted is nearly as tall as I am and as tough and wiry as you can imagine. He is a really good rider and can hold his own in walking, running, swimming, shooting, wrestling, and boxing. Kermit is as cunning as ever and has developed greatly. He and his inseparable Philip started out for a night's camping in their best the other day. A driving storm came up and they had to put back, really showing both pluck, skill and judgment. They reached home, after having been out twelve hours, at nine in the evening. Archie continues devoted to Algonquin and to Nicholas. Ted's playmates are George and Jack, Aleck Russell, who is in Princeton, and Ensign Hamner of the Sylph. They wrestle, shoot, swim, play tennis, and go off on long expeditions in the boats. Qu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Slighty interesting due to the subject. Not very insightful though. It would have been more interesting if each letter had some historical or personal context included..This is just a collection of his letters.

A devoted parent and husband, Roosevelt never let the demands of his professional career get in the way of his domestic commitments and he was always very careful to maintain close friendships with all of his children, fulfilling his role not only as instructor and counselor, but also as companion a

Where to begin?! Firstly; I loved this book right from the get-go. It oozes that Roosevelt spirit; the thrill seeker, the adventurer, the hunter, the romper, the reader, the horseman, and more. But it also revealed things far more valuable and more educational: his absolute love and devotion to his

This was a very enjoyable read. It was wonderful to read what Teddy thought he should write to his children.

As busy as he was with being President Of the United States, he took time to be genuinely interested in his children, their pets and projects; and encouraging and enjoying them. He used the word “cunning” quite often, but he didn’t realize that the letters would be collected and put into one book. N

This collection is a wonderful example of parent-child correspondence (albeit one-sided, as all letters are solely from the 26th President to his children and not vice-versa). The collection is amazing in its historical importance (TR shares his observations during the surveying of the Panama Canal

As the title suggests, a lovely collection of letter TR wrote to his children from 1898 to 1911. Roosevelt not only loved his children, he respected their intelligence. The letters to Kermit about Dickens had me wishing I could have read Kermit's letters to his father.

Another glimpse into the mind o

This is a magical little volume-- I found the 1923 hardbound printing lying in the middle of a sidewalk in Berkeley. I scooped it up and brought it home. What a charming little volume it is, as it shows the colossal "TR" in his private role as a doting daddy. Letters about guinea-pigs and ponies and

This book was really touching and heart warming about the love Teddy Roosevelt had for his children even after they go away to collage. Usually I don't really like non-fiction but because I had to read one for class I decided this one looked pretty good so I decided I would try it out and it turned

Enjoyable collection of letters to his children. In almost every letter there is talk of animals. Like the time he had young Kermit show some congressmen his three snakes. Something that touched me was how he would discuss Sickens in some of his letters. Makes me want to read "Martin Chuzzlewit" jus

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