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The Legion of Lazarus

Edmond Hamilton

Book Overview: 

Those convicted of the most heinous crimes are sentenced to the Humane Penalty: they are ejected from the airlock of a ship, to freeze in the icy chill of outer space. Death is instantaneous. But in some cases, not permanent.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Number Three's brain was here, its scanners, its tabulating and recording apparatus, its signal system. A red light pulsated on a panel, alone in a string of white ones.

"Trouble's in the hoist-mechanism," said Hyrst. "That's your department." He smiled and sat down on a metal bench in the center of the room, with his back to the stair. "D Level."

MacDonald grumbled, and went to a skeletal cage built over a round segment of the floor. Various tools were clipped to the ribs of the cage. MacDonald pulled an extra rayproof protectall over his vac-suit and stepped inside the cage, pressing a button. The cage dropped, into a circular shaft that paralleled the hoist right down to the feeder mechanism.

Hyrst waited. Inside his helmet he could hear MacDonald breathing and grumbling as he worked away, repairing a break in the belt. He did not hear anything else. Then something happened, so swiftly that he had never had any memory of it, and some time la. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Quick little sci-fi thriller following Hyrst, a man who had been given the usual execution of the time, that of being sucked out naked into deep space. But, uh-oh!... some people don’t stay dead. The story revolves around the special powers such “undead” people end up with, and how Hyrst used them t

This could be made into a modern movie and no one would know it was written so long ago! It's kind of a science fiction detective story and up there with the best classic SF books.


Had a hard time getting into book. I decided to move on. Maybe I'll finish in the future . Thanks.

It's not bad in the context of short pulp scifi fiction.