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The Last Trail

Zane Grey

Book Overview: 

This early Zane Grey novel of hardy pioneers taming the wild west. Yes, despite the difficult times, romance flourishes and the bad guys are eliminated almost single handedly as our heroes Jonathan Zane and his sidekick Lew “Deathwind” Wetzel fight their way through mud, blood, gore, savage Indians, and despicable outlaws, to make the land safe for pioneer families as they settle the wild west.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The birds ceased twittering to break into gay songs, and the cock in the barnyard gave one final clarion-voiced salute to the dawn. The rose in the east deepened into rich red, and then the sun peeped over the eastern hilltops to drench the valley with glad golden light.

A blue smoke curling lazily from the stone chimney of his cabin, showed that Sam had made the kitchen fire, and a little later a rich, savory odor gave pleasing evidence that his wife was cooking breakfast.

"Any sign of Jack?" a voice called from the open door, and Betty appeared.

"Nary sign."

"Of the Indians, then?"

"Well, Betts, they left you a token of their regard," and Colonel Zane smiled as he took a broken halter from the fence.

"Madcap?" cried Betty.

"Yes, they've taken Madcap and Bess."

"Oh, the villains! Poor pony," exc. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I have never read a Zane Grey book before and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It is also a genre that I have never read before.

I enjoyed the story, the characters, his writing style and how real the story seemed as I was reading it. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.,

Thoroughly enjoyed it.,

Haven't read Zane Gray in years. This book was like getting reacquainted with an old friend. Highly recommend to anyone who likes to read.

Zane Grey's work leaves me with a feeling of melancholy (in a good way). There is some romantic longing for a way of life which is long gone. Not that they were good old days--I think that life in the settlement days in Ohio were difficult, especially for women. Lots of hard work under poor conditio

I find it of interest that a book like this isn’t better well known. Zane Grey was a very important author for a long, long time. His depiction of life in a different era of our country is fascinating and useful to us as we attempt to move forward. The frontier of the United States and its settlemen

The Last Trail by Zane Grey is a good example of American literature written in the early part of the last century. Traditions and family values play a large part in daily life. This book distinguishes between two types of frontiersmen, the pioneers and the border men. The first being settlers that

I love Grey's description of the natural world. His rendering of a wooded glade with mosses and ferns surrounding a babbling brook or a natural pond are sweet and believable. His descriptions of human interaction is often laughable. The merest glance between two young people has them in love and rea

This is a great trilogy of adventure and life during the very early years of our country by Zane Grey. People generally think of the “West” as Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc. but these pioneers had no less of a hard time opening up the boarders moving into West Virginia and Ohio. There were ruthles

Set in the Ohio Valley, just as white settlers were beginning to come together in small settlements near military forts. This was "The West" at the time, and there were skirmishes with Indians and with bad white guys as well. The story revolves around a 16 year old "woman" ("We like to get them marr

“Good morning, Colonel Zane, said Helen cheerily, coming into the yard where the colonel was at work. “Did Will come over this way?”
“I reckon you’ll find him if you find Betty,” replied Colonel Zane dryly.
“Come to think of it, that’s true,” Helen said, laughing. “I’ve a suspicion Will rn off from

Frankly, I was surprised that I enjoyed The Last Trail so much. I have always thought of Grey as a man's writer so I was taken aback at the centrality of the romance in this book. Since it is vintage fiction, there are VERY negative stereotypes of American Indians and also the unfortunate use of the

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