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Gene Stratton-Porter

Book Overview: 

Based on the author's own life, this book tells the story of "little sister". The youngest of eleven, she is unwanted in the beginning. The brother who loved her most, and whom she loved most in the world, is Laddie. She is almost lonely, and it's hard for her to study, so her comfort is nature. In an unforgettable way, which is funny and sad, little sister tells us her story.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Leon, sinking on the stove hearth. "Behold Job mourning as close the ashes as he can."

Billy Wilson had the top lid off, so he reached down and got a big handful of ashes and sifted them over Leon. But it's no fun to do anything like that to him; he only sank in a more dejected heap, and moaned: "Send for Bildad and Zophar to comfort me, and more ashes, please."

"Why does the little feathered dear touch earth at all? Why doesn't she fly?" demanded Silas Shaw.

"I'm going to get a hundred wads ready for Monday," said Jimmy Hood. "We can shoot them when we please."

"Bet ten cents you can't hit her," said Billy Wilson. "There ain't enough of her for a decent mark."

"Let's quit and go home," proposed Leon. "This will look worse than it does now by Monday night."

Then every one began talking at once. Suddenly May seized the poker and began pounding on the top of the stove for order.

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Community Reviews

Another re-reading of Laddie only cements it as one of my favorite books of all time. As it is said to be based on Gene Stratton-Porter's childhood, I can only wish I had known her family. The values espoused by her parents deserve to be emulated. If you have never read this book, you are missing a

I just reread this favorite and tried to pay attention to why I like it so much. It certainly can be a bit wordy and tedious in descriptions at points, unless you Really relate to the descriptions of nature and surrounding. Which I usually do I guess. It can also be rather glorified and idealistic w

I've read this, oh, about 9 times ... and if that doesn't convince you that this is pure amazingness than maybe I should mention my favorite part ...

Like when Leon has to memorize a Bible verse for church and his mom doesn't double check to see what he chose ... and what ensues is, well, ... let's j

I wanted to read this after I finished the Gene Stratton Porter biography that I read last week called "Nature's Storyteller." I was struck by how many small little details that Gene included in Little Sister's character and life that were straight out of Gene's own life (not enjoying her Saturday n

I just finished reading this gem aloud to my kids, and out of the dozens and dozens of read aloud books we've done I'm sure this is our favorite. (Little Britches would be a close second.) Unlike some readers who've understandably needed more time to connect with the book, we all loved it from the s

A goodie from 1913. A story that Little Sister tells about her large-sized family, but most specifically, about her older brother whom she simply adores, Laddie.

It is a rather "pretty" type of story from the late 1800s in Indiana. Written in descriptive prose, similar in style to perhaps L.M. Montgo

My favorite quote in the book:

"Had I life to live over, I see now where I could do more; but neighbor, believe me, my highest aspiration is to be a clean, thrifty housekeeper, a bountiful cook, a faithful wife, a sympathetic mother. That is life work for any woman, and to be a good woman is the grea

I grew up reading the classics, mostly from my Grandfather's library, but it was my Dad who introduced me to S-P. His favorite book growing up were Freckles, Laddie, and anything by Horatio Alger. :) Re-reading Laddie and Freckles many years later I can understand why my Father loved them, and see h

I loved this book because it is the ideal life that I would love my kids to live...on a small family farm, working the land into something beautiful...the family all coming together for every life event...all the women learn everything they should learn about caring for their own home and raising ch

I really love the natural education of little sister. I love how she has so many poems of the McGuffey readers memorized.

I love how well trained the characters of little sisters family are. I cant get over this remark by mother"with all of our twelve never has there been one who and nine months of a

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