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King Arthur's Knights

Henry Gilbert

Book Overview: 

This book is an attempt to tell some of the stories of King Arthur and his Knights in a way which will be interesting to every boy and girl who loves adventures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Balin cared not, and so took the shield with a device upon it that was not his own. Then he and his horse were led to a great barge, and so they were poled across the wide stream to an island.

When Balin had landed and mounted his horse, he rode a little way towards a stout tower, and from it a knight issued, his armour all in red, and the trappings of his horse of the same colour. They couched their lances and came marvellously fast together, and smote each other in the midmost of their shields; and the shock of their spears was so great that it bore down both horses and men, and for a little while the knights were dazed.

The stranger rose up first, for Balin was much bruised and wearied; and the red knight drew his sword and came towards Balin, who thereupon got upon his feet, and they fought most fiercely together. So they fought till their breaths failed.

Many were the bouts they fought, and they rested oftentimes, and then to battle again, so th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Arthurian legends. Hard slog at times, but good to read all of the legendary stories, even if they have been cleaned up a bit

Gilbert's adaptation "for boys" is written in a stilted and wooden style, and avoids the most interesting (for adults) aspects of the Arthurian legend: the incest, adultery, and betrayals. I would instead recommend T. H. White's "The Once and Future King" or Thomas Berger's "Arthur Rex."

The adventures were interesting but not really captivating, could be due to the style of writing. Old English to me always makes me lose some of the interest of the story since I do not read it as often.

Review first published on my blog,
Dragon Bite Books
. Excerpted here (the original is LONG and discusses the differences and similarities between this and other versions of Arthur that I've encountered).

In his preface, Henry Gilbert calls out readers like myself: “No doubt many of you, my young

An unusually artful retelling.

Being the first classic of its sort I've ever read, my review is quite novice.

However, it has been such a joy to read!

Instantly the language drew me in, Gilbert clearly being skilled in the craft, and the old language rubbed off on me. As I have been reading it, I have caught myself speaking the ter

A great book, after the first 40 pages or so I could not put it down, it was therefore a short read.

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