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Key Out of Time

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

This is Book 4 in the Time Traders Series, In this book Ross Murdock and Arthur Ashe continue their adventures in Time and Space on the World of Hawaika. Hawaiian and Polynesian settlers help Ross and Ashe discover the way the world has changed from the data tape to present time. Helped by a girl (Karara) and her two trained dolphins (Tino-rau and Taua)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .he surface and he saw, with unbelieving eyes, that he was being thrust shoreward—not to the strand of Finger Island—but against a cliff where water pounded an unyielding wall of rock.

Ross comprehended that somehow he had been jerked through the gate, that he was now fronting the land that had been somewhere beneath the heights supporting the castle. Then he fought for his life to escape the hammer of the sea determined to crack him against the surface of the cliff.

A rough surface loomed up before him, and he threw himself in that direction, embracing a rock, striving to cling through the backwash of the wave which had brought him there. His nails grated and broke on the stone, and then the fingers of his right hand caught in a hole, and he held with all the strength in his gasping, beaten body. He had had no preparation, no warning, and only the tough survival will which had been trained and bred into him saved his life.

As the wa. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The basic plot description is good enough with out me adding any thing to it. Read it when it first came out as I am a big fan of Andre Norton, and purchased and read everything that she wrote when it came out. Now that they are in eBook format, I am reading them again. Purchased from Amazon as part

Good classic Science fiction

She rarely fails to provide an Interesting story line, with the usual mix of archaic technology mixing with the futuristic technology. Worth reading!

I'm pretty meh about dolphins, but they do a nice job of being the telepath-link animals used in this entry of Norton's galaxy-colonising, timetravelly, trying not to be noticed by angry aliens we stole tech from sorta series.

Also, there are witches and whoopsie-doo we done went back in time, shit a

An old. Classic

Reminds of the fifties when I first started to read science fiction. Still a very good read for young people. Well written with a strong plot and development of characters.

Time Traders transitions to Witch World...

A couple of the original time traders go to a new Hawaii with new friends and modified Dolphins and end up attempting to alter the past against old foes with new and mysterious witchey friends.

The third of the Time Traders series (although I have seen references to Galactic Derelict which I haven't been able to locate ... and that actually may be the second in the series). (Update - I found Galactic Derelict for the Kindle and it was good and explains Ross's and Ashe's desire to make this

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to rate Andre Norton's "Key Out of Time" at a Not Very Good 2 stars out of 5. I'm assuming that since this is the 4th book in her Time Traders series, you've already read the first three and are familiar with her writing. For the most part, the writing here is simila

Trapped when the time portal breaks, Ross and Murdoch help a world fight the blue aliens.

This wasn't the best scifi I've ever read, but it's also far from the worst. Keeping in mind that it was written a long time ago, I rather liked the author's ideas of what kind of technology we might have discovered by the 1990s. Which of course we still haven't figured out... The characters were su

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