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James Oliver Curwood

Book Overview: 

Probably the most widely read of his novels during his lifetime was this engrossing tale of a magnificent animal that is part husky and part wolf. There is a struggle between the two breeds in Kazan’s makeup; he is torn between love for a particular man and woman and the desire to run free with the wolves, especially the one that he has chosen for his mate. In both of these contrasting parts of his life, he meets tremendous challenges that require all his instinct, strength, and spirit to overcome.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .pond to his call when he howled into the sky.

He was hurt. And Gray Wolf was hurt, but not so badly as Kazan. He was torn and bleeding. One of his legs was terribly bitten. After a time he saw a fire in the edge of the forest. The old call was strong upon him. He wanted to crawl in to it, and feel the girl's hand on his head, as he had felt that other hand in the world beyond the ridge. He would have gone—and would have urged Gray Wolf to go with him—but the man was there. He whined, and Gray Wolf thrust her warm muzzle against his neck. Something told them both that they were outcasts, that the plains, and the moon, and the stars were against them now, and they slunk into the shelter and the gloom of the forest.

Kazan could not go far. He could still smell the camp when he lay down. Gray Wolf snuggled close to him. Gently she soothed with her soft tongue Kazan's bleeding wounds. And Kazan, lifting his head, whined softly to the stars.

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Community Reviews

At times I found this a very harsh and sad story. On the other hand I could not put this book down and I loved the easy story telling this writer showed.

আরেহ! এতো প্রেম কাহিনী... তবে, মানুষের প্রেম কাহিনীর চেয়ে শতগুণে ভাল।

ENGLISH: I read this book over 50 years ago, but didn't remember a lot about it. My favorite novel by Curwood was always "Nomads of the North." I intend to read "The grizzly king" soon, too.

Some of the descriptions of the behavior of wolves made by Curwood in this book do not match what Félix Rodríg

Kazan, futrzasty bohater książki, to w trzech czwartych huski, a w jednej czwartej wilk. Koleje jego psiego życia będą różne, czasem trafi w ręce ludzi, część spędzi w dzikich ostępach ze swoją towarzyszką Szarą Wilczycą. Tak jak w dziełach Londona, psi żywot wśród ludzi nie zawsze należał do przyje

Megint a téves előítéleteim csapdájába estem: a könyv címe és a borítón acsargó jószág alapján valami gagyi horrorféleségre számítottam, ezért halogattam. Mekkorát tévedtem! Nagyon szép történet egy keverék kutyafarkasról, az ő kalandjairól a vadregényes északon, szürke farkas párjáról, hiúzokról és

নানা ধরণের থ্রিলারের জোয়ারে একটু ভিন্ন ধাঁচের বই নিয়ে আলোচনা আজকাল তেমন চোখে পড়ে না। কিছু ক্লাসিক বই নিয়ে আলোচনা চললেও মাঝে মাঝেই মনে হয় বিশ্বসাহিত্যের এত এত বইয়ের মধ্যে হয়তো সিংহভাগ রত্নই চোখ এড়িয়ে গেছে, কিংবা যাচ্ছে। ঠিক এমনই একটা বই, কাযান।

মানব প্রবৃত্তি উপজীব্য করে লেখা বইয়ের সংখ্যা অ

Un libro con una narración increíble!!!

This isn't exactly naturalist lit, but it is heavy into nature. It's the adventure story of a wolf mix and his life among men and in the wild. Kind of a 'Call of the Wild' but with more description and about equal amount of drama.
And dang, but every man resorts to the whip. Doesn't look good for me

This was such an adorable book. <3 I love reading books from an animal's perspective and this one was no different to the other awesome ones I've read. I thought it was also cool that this story is 97 years old but it is still so amazing and I was hooked right through.

Kazan is a dog of the Canadian north woods, 3/4 husky and 1/4 wolf. He has been cruelly treated by the men in his life, and when he meets the wife of his new owner, Kazan learns for the first time the power of love. But he is not going to be allowed to live happily ever after with his new boss and h

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