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Just Patty

Jean Webster

Book Overview: 

Patty, Conny, and Priscilla are the best of friends, and roommates at boarding school. While the teachers might say they are mischievous, even troublemakers, Patty and her friends act only in accordance with their convictions. From forming a labor union to furnishing a house for the neighbors, Patty's ideas are unconventional, yet loads of fun. Just Patty is the prequel to When Patty Went to College, the first novel by the author of Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The three regarded her with unbending mien. They were not to be moved by a few tears.

"You said that Rosalie was a silly little goose to make such a fuss over nothing," Priscilla reminded her.

"And at least he was a live man," said Patty, "even if he did have a crooked nose."

"Do you still think she was a silly goose?" Conny inquired.


"Don't you think you've been a great deal more silly?"


"And will you apologize to Rosalie?"


"It will make quite a funny story," Patty ruminated, "the way we'll tell it."

"I think you're perfectly horrid!"

"Will you apologize to Rosalie?" Priscilla asked again.

"Yes—if you'll promise not to tell."[62]

"We'll promise on one condition—you're to break your engagement to Cuthbert St. John, and never refer to it again."

Cuthbert sailed for England on the Oceanic the follow. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Patty and her two best friends Conny and Priscilla are appalled when they find out they've been separated as roommates for their senior year at Saint Ursula's boarding school. Patty will not let it stand and the girls come up with schemes to go back to rooming with one another. The book follows Conn

Published before her most famous book, Daddy-Long-Legs, and boy does it show. There's no "plot" here, no storyline at all. It's just a bunch of vignettes that seem thrown together. Webster doesn't even bother to tell us what her main characters look like in the first chapter--little by little their

This book tells about a girl named Patty who lives in a dormitory. she and both her friends, Connie and Priscilla always make a shocking act of boarding or their school. because of their misbehavior, Patty and her friends Connie and Priscilla has a bad reputation as a wayward girls in the boarding

This book made me laugh out loud. It's very clean young adult genre. Not really a full plot but almost a collection of short stories. Enjoyed a look at the beginning of the century boarding school life in America.
Jean Webster had a really great sense of humor and sense of understanding.

پتی مثل همیشه فوق العاده بود، گرچه به نظرم کم سن و سال تر شده بود که احتمالاً ناشی از ترجمه ست. همینطور چشممان به جمال جری جوان روشن شد =) به قدری که شک کردم نکند کنستانتینِ جری جوان، همین کانی باشد که عاشق باغ های ایتالیایی ست.
و اما ترجمه، اوایل کتاب فاجعه بود، اما به مرور بهتر و بهتر شد. بارها با

بین کتابهام نگاه میکردم گفتم باید یه کتاب خوب بخونم به عنوان جایزه ی اتمام کتابهای نیمه تمامم
داشتم کتابهامو ورق میزدم همینجوری مقدمه ها رو میخوندم این کتاب مقدمه نداشت! داستان شروع شده بود شروع کردم به خوندن و خوندن!! و یهو دیدم بیشتر از نصف کتاب رو خوندم! داستان روان با ترجمه خوب و قابل قبول تنها ا

Oh, oh, ohhhhh!
Best bookstore find of 2016, hands down. I love Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy and so finding another book by Jean Webster was the ultimate treat. This one isn't in epistolary style, like those two, which made it feel very familiar and yet strikingly different.
Patty and her friends

“Just Patty” is a collection of short stories about Patty and her school friends at boarding school. The first story sets the scene, introducing Patty and her two best friends, as well as the teachers and other pupils who we get to know better in later stories.

I’m an unashamed fan of old-style schoo

It's a pleasant novelty to read American schoolgirl stories. I kept thinking I was reading Susan Coolidge and wondering when it was going to get didactic. But Jean Webster is a way better writer than Susan Coolidge. Very cute lah! And I enjoyed her sharp observations about charity -- how the charita

Just Patty (Patty #2), Jean Webster (1876 - 1916)
Just Patty is Jean Webster's sixth novel, published in 1911. It is a prequel to When Patty Went to College (1903).
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عنوان: فقط پتی؛ نویسنده: جین وبستر؛ تصویرگر: چارلز ا. ریلایا؛ مترجم: پوران لشینی

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