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The Iphigenia in Tauris


Book Overview: 

The apparent sacrifice of Iphigenia at Aulis by her own father Agamemnon was forestalled by the godness Artemis, who by an adroit sleight of hand that fooled all participants, substituted a deer for the daughter. Wafted magically away to the “Friendless Shores” of savage Tauris and installed as chief priestess presiding over the human sacrifice of all luckless foreigners, Iphigenia broods over her “murder” by her parents and longs for some Greeks to be shipwrecked on her shores so she can wreak a vicarious vengeance on them. Little does she expect her own little brother Orestes to be one of those Greeks brought to her altar.

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Book Excerpt: 
Men of what nation? Doth their habit show?

Hellenes for sure, but that is all we know.

No name? No other clue thine ear could seize?

We heard one call his comrade "Pylades."

Yes. And the man who spoke—his name was what?

None of us heard. I think they spoke it not.

How did ye see them first, how make them fast?

Down by the sea, just where the surge is cast …

The sea? What is the sea to thee and thine?

We came to wash our cattle in the brine.

Go back, and tell how they. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Un po’ meno d’impatto di Ifigenia in Aulide perché manca tutto il conflitto interiore tra profezia che si autoavvera e autodeterminazione della protagonista. Tuttavia i consueti equivoci del teatro greco mettono in scena un bel ricongiungimento tra Ifigenia e suo fratello Oreste.

Ifigenija nije mrtva! Evo je, spašena od očeve oštrice u poslednjem trenutku (Iphigenia in Aulis), živi u Tauridi i sad ona sprema ljudske žrtve (Grke) da ih prikolju za bogove. Mi joj se pridružujemo u trenutku kad u Tauridu dolazi njen rođeni brat, Orest, nakon što je na sudu bio oslobođen za ubis

Η διαχρονική σοφία των αρχαίων συγγραφέων αλλά και η θαυμαστή περιγραφή συναισθημάτων των ηρώων της κάθε τραγωδίας. Κάθε τραγωδία έχει κατά βάση τους δικούς της ήρωες ς οι οποίοι όμως στην ουσία εμπλέκονται και σε κάθε άλλη τραγωδία συγκροτώντας αυτή την απίστευτη ομάδα χαρακτήρων της αρχαίας τραγωδ

"İphigenia Aulis’te / Iphigenia in Aulis" oyunundan sonrasını anlatan "İphigenia Tauris’te / Iphigenia in Tauris", annesi tarafından öldürülen babası Agammemnon’u intikamını alan Orestes’in günahlarından arınması için Tauris’e gelmesini ve kardeşi Iphigenia’yla oradan kaçışını anlatıyor. İntikam hik

I am reading Canadian poet Anne Carson's translations from the Greek. They are so different from the standard translations -- and yet at least equally authoritative -- and they tend to be more interesting. Iphigenia among the Taurians tells a different story than the legends of Troy. Instead of bein

44. Iphigeneia in Tauris by Euripides, translated by Richmond Lattimore
with editor’s foreward by William Arrowsmith
first performed: circa ~412 bce
translation 1973
format: 90 page hardcover
acquired: borrowed from library
read: July 16
rating: 4 stars

The library said that because of a hold it was due i

"Μακάρι να'μουν από πάντα
δυστυχισμένη· γιατί όταν
σύντροφος είσαι με τις συμφορές,
αντέχεις· είναι δυστυχία
ν'αλλάζει η τύχη σου· για τους θνητούς
αβάσταχτο στη θλίψη να βουλιάζουν
ύστερα από χαρούμενη ζωή."

"[...]Είναι ντροπή μεγάλη
σε συμφορές τους φίλους σου να ρίχνεις
για να σωθείς εσύ.Κι ετούτο

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