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The Invasion

William Le Queux

Book Overview: 

This novel, also known as The Invasion of 1910, is a novel written mainly by William Le Queux. It is one of the more famous examples of Invasion literature and is an example of pre-World War I Germanophobia, as it preached the need to prepare for war with Germany. The book takes the form of a military history and includes excerpts from the characters' journals and letters and descriptions of the fictional German campaign itself.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Essex—somewhere near Maldon—was now published. The statement had been dictated by Mr. Henry Alexander, J.P.,—the Mayor of Maldon, who had succeeded in escaping from the town,—to Captain Wilfred Quare, of the Intelligence Department of the War Office. This Department had, in turn, given it to the newspapers for publication.

It read as follows:—

"On Sunday morning, September 2, I had arranged to play a round of golf with my friend Somers, of Beeleigh, before church. I met him at the Golf Hut about 8.30. We played one round, and were at the last hole but three in a second round when we both thought we heard the sound of shots fired somewhere in the town. We couldn't make anything at all of it, and as we had so nearly finished the round, we thought we would do so before going to inquire about it. I was making my approach to the final hole when an exclamation from Somers spoilt my stroke. I felt annoyed, but as I looked arou. . . Read More

Community Reviews

More of a textbook than a novel, but a fascinating historical document which, in response to the author's perception of a rundown in British defence, posits a German invasion of the UK, in glorious detail. It apparently had an enormous impact and galavanised the Army/Navy somewhat in the lead up to

Please note that the 2007 edition is a reprint of the century old novel.

The Invasion of 1910 is an early attempt at speculative military fiction that envisions how the rising naval power of Germany could threaten Britain. Written in 1906 amid a flurry of rising tension of battleship construction bet

Warmongering at its Best

London becomes England's Alamo!
Specifically written to inflame England's literate population to support National Service and a strong military. Uses the German "threat" to inflame nationalism, prejudice against foreigners, and suspicion against immigrants. Seemingly written b

This isn't a book in the usual sense of the word. If you're already familiar with the political and historical context of The Invasion of 1910, you can stop reading. You already know what comes next.

If no, best to Google a bit and read up. Basically this "book" contains a serialized set of newspaper

Fascinating details regarding cities and towns in England, battle strategy, etc. Not great as a story, however.

Starting in 1871 with The Battle of Dorking there was a fashion for novels about invasions, in particular, German invasions of Britain. In 1906 William Le Queux wrote The Invasion to champion the idea that Britain needed to spend more on the Army and to adopt compulsory military service to defend Br

Fascinating 'what if' novel written with extreme detail.

Interesting read but seems dated and not really believable

A book very much of its time. The narrative suffers at this distance of time with the lack of characters to draw the story along relying as it does on newspaper reportage to add colour to the military detail. A very dry read.

Its not the best written book in the world. I'd say it is an interesting read for its history context. It is interesting to read into the paranoia about an aggressive Germany in the years running up to the First World War.
The format could be improved; it is written using newspaper articles which tak

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