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Invaders from the Infinite

John Wood Campbell

Book Overview: 

The famous scientific trio of Arcot, Wade and Morey, challenged by the most ruthless aliens in all the universes, blasted off on an intergalactic search for defenses against the invaders of Earth and all her allies.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .They have time control, as I suspected. Ask them. They drifted in gently. Their time rate was speeded up tremendously, so that what was hundreds of miles per hour to us was feet per minute to them. But come on, get the handlers to bring that junk up to the door—they are coming out."

One of the tall, kindly-faced canine people was standing in the doorway now, the white light streaming out around him into the night, casting a grotesque shadow on the landing field, for all the flood lights bathing in it.

Zezdon Afthen came up and spoke quickly to the man evidently in command of the ship. The entire party went into the ship, and the cream of their laboratory instruments was brought in.

For hours Arcot, Morey and Wade worked at the apparatus in the ship, measuring, calculating, following electrical and magnetic and sheer force hook-ups of staggering complexity. They were not trying to find the exact method of construction, only the principles . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Thought I would try some old time Science fiction. John W. Campbell is famous for his novella "Who Goes There?", the basis for movies "The Thing from Another World" and "John Carpenter's The Thing?. He was also responsible for assembling the great authors of "Astounding Science Fiction" Magazine bac

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how seriously one should take their pleasure. In my case (and, I'm assuming, yours), the pleasure in question is that of reading. How seriously should us bookish folk examine the quality of the yarns we read? Is there a point when close examination will rob us

As I am a life-long fan of "John Carpenter's The Thing", I wanted to try out my first John W. Campbell novel, and what better novel to start with than . . . well, this one, I guess. It's an obscure title that has nothing to do with the movie of which I speak, so why start here? In short: I am a whor

A space opera from before times.

Published in 1960 this space opera was written before personal computers and a general understanding of wave particle duality. Light and cosmic radiation are made into matter. Time travel and faster than light travel are both a common place. Humans casually destroy an

rounded up from 2.5 ☆. Generally I like hard sci-fi but I do get annoyed when the 'scientific explanations' make the novel read like a science lesson rather than a coherent story, especially when it is inaccurate. That is the case here. Campbell may be the father of modern American Sci-Fi and I do a

As others have noted, this is a (maybe THE) classic example of Golden Age Super Science space opera. The writing has all of Campbell’s strengths (imaginative, fast paced, science-based) together with his weaknesses (wooden characterization and a great deal of perfect coincidences.). It definitely sh

All that's good and bad about early American SF

Campbell is the father of American SF. Descriptions are beautiful; ideas are challenging; technology is imaginative. The aliens are well thought out. However...the core flaw is that characterization is weak. Arcott, Morey and Wade are interchangeable. T

John W. Campbell is a pioneer editor for Science Fiction magazines of the Golden Age. He put a lot of effort to compile "hard-science" stories and had a taste for stories which employed plausible scientific theories and devices.

Invaders form the Infinite is one of the series of books he wrote, emplo

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