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Anna Katharine Green

Book Overview: 

Anna Katharine Green was an American poet and novelist. She was one of the first writers of detective fiction in America and distinguished herself by writing well plotted, legally accurate stories (no doubt assisted by her lawyer father).

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .We are going out together. It is necessary, or you may be sure I should not leave you."

I was quite wide awake enough by now to understand. "Oh, I know. You are going to hunt up the man. How I wish—"

But George did not wait for me to express my wishes. He gave me a little good advice as to how I had better employ my time in his absence, and was off before I could find words to answer.

This ends all I have to say about myself; but the events of that night carefully related to me by George are important enough for me to describe them, with all the detail which is their rightful due. I shall tell the story as I have already been led to do in other portions of this narrative, as though I were present and shared the adventure.

As soon as the two were in the street, the detective turned towards George and said:

"Mr. Anderson, I have a great deal to ask of you. The business before us is not a simple one, and I fear th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This story started out good but then it went into a really weird angle at the last third of the book. It left me wondering why the author even went with that angle. That ruined it.

This wasn't one of Green's best. The story was good, but she drew the story out far too long. Also, unlike most of her books, there seemed to be a serious editing problem toward the end. She did the usual maddeningly slow reveal of how the killer managed to kill without leaving a trace then she went

A woman has died in plain view on the Mezzanine floor of an upscale hotel. She has been stabbed apparently and, although there is no weapon nearby, the coroner determines it to have been suicide. Sergeant Sweetwater is not convinced, especially when he recalls an unsolved murder over in Brooklyn.


An interesting mystery, starting in the viewpoint of a couple who are passing down the street, before switching to the detective, and at length several other characters. A bit lengthy in spots, particularly in describing one of the male characters who is a "impeccable example of the male species",

Great in parts, slow moving in others.

The story involves the murder of a young woman in a very public location. The physical method employed is a major part of the mystery as no one was close enough to inflict the fatal wound. There was no exit wound, no bullet and no arrow found.

The first half of the story takes place in New York city

Let me start this off with saying, You Will Not Guess How the Crime is Committed. You Just Won't. Unless you have a magnificent imagination like the author evidently did.

It's almost got a science fiction feel to it.


Miss Edith Challonder is a young and well known society woman with a repu

A woman is murdered in full view of witnesses. She is seemingly stabbed to death, yet no one was seen near her. How then was she killed? Green always has an interesting way of narrating her books. The narration is begun by a woman who at the periphery of the crime then she bows out of the story and

Although it does not take too long to identify the murderer, getting him to make a slip, or a confession, happens only at the end of the story. From the beginning until the confession, a small bit of doubt keeps the reader guessing -- did he really do it? A good plot, well written -- Anna Katherine

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