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Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains

Charles Alexander Eastman

Book Overview: 

EVERY age, every race, has its leaders and heroes. There were over sixty distinct tribes of Indians on this continent, each of which boasted its notable men. The names and deeds of some of these men will live in American history, yet in the true sense they are unknown, because misunderstood. I should like to present some of the greatest chiefs of modern times in the light of the native character and ideals, believing that the American people will gladly do them tardy justice.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .One must come within so many paces undiscovered in order to be counted successful. Our hero had a favorite dog which, at his earnest request, was allowed to take part in the game, and as a scout he entered the enemy camp unseen, by the help of his dog.

When he was twelve, he saved the life of a companion who had broken through the ice by tying the end of a pack line to a log, then at great risk to himself carrying it to the edge of the hole where his comrade went down. It is said that he also broke in, but both boys saved themselves by means of the line.

As a young man, Little Crow was always ready to serve his people as a messenger to other tribes, a duty involving much danger and hardship. He was also known as one of the best hunters in his band. Although still young, he had already a war record when he became chief of the Kaposias, at a time when the Sioux were facing the greatest and most far-reaching changes that had ever come to them.

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Community Reviews

Who better to chronicle the great deeds, sorrows, bravery and honor of some of America’s greatest chiefs than a Santee Sioux? Physician Charles A. Eastman seeks to correct many misunderstandings about Native Americans and portrays leaders in the Sioux, Cheyenne and Nez Perce nations in a realistic l

Finished this today and while I had heard a few of the names mentioned in the book such as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull my understanding of them was deepened and a few other names were introduced to me as well. Rain in the Face, Roman Nose and Hole in the Day to name a few made the book a worth whil

My favorite passage from this book was a retelling of what a chief addressed to his people one last time:

Yet hear me, friends! we have now to deal with another people, small and feeble when our forefathers first met with them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough, they have a mind to till

This book gives biographical picture of 15 great chiefs and what they endured. The natives had a life following their customs and traditions in their land where they hunted buffalo and harvest grain. Then came the military to drive them out of their land. Promises made by the government were broken

Each chapter is about a different hero. Really enjoyed learning the backstories of but sometimes left me wanting more. Love how this is written by an Indian. Most white authors writing about the subject get all of their information from other white historians but Eastman has actually met and spoke w

A great story.

A touching account, very sad how these tribes were treated. It makes one wonder who were the so called savages!

An excellent read

A short but concise synopsis on many great indian leaders, a super and enthralling read if you love western history.

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