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The Histories

Publius Cornelius Tacitus

Book Overview: 

The Histories was written between 100 and 110 A.D. It covered the Year of Four Emperors following the downfall of Nero, the rise of Vespasian, and the rule of the Flavian Dynasty up to the death of Domitian.

Only the first four books and 26 chapters of the fifth book have survived, covering the year 69 and the first part of 70. The work is believed to have continued up to the death of Domitian on September 18, 96. As a prelude to the account of Titus’s suppression of the Great Jewish Revolt, Book 5 features a short ethnographic survey of the ancient Jews as seen from the Roman point of view.(Summary adapted from Wikipedia.)

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Community Reviews

It's too bad so much of Tacitus' work has been lost over time as he did a pretty good job of covering the three Emperors period. What was there was, I feel, wonderfully written. It was somewhat hard to keep track due to the number of participants involved in such a work but the footnotes did help to

There is nothing like reading the source material to see where the Roman history books get their ideas. Tacitus tells us a lot about many important aspects of history, writing towards teh latter end of the first century.

The book was written by Tacitus and I think it is important to know about the author to rate this book. Tacitus lived around 56-117 AD and is known to be the governor of Asia. He also held other political offices. It is believed that this book is only a third of the original work written by him and

very interesting, though would be considered dry material by most--and there were some parts that i skimmed. the only thing ot really detract from it was the formatting--pages of footnotes i had to swipe past and odd numbers popping up at random through the text. i am not sure if this is how Tacitus

An excellent history of the Year of the Four Emperors. I'll never forget the image of Vitellius trying to abdicate but being blocked at every turn by the crowd. So he returned to the palace and was slaughtered a day or two later. Some vivid battle scenes (attacking city walls in tortoise formation)

Sort of like reading celebrity gossip columns where you don't recognize the name of a single celebrity. No doubt an important historical document, and it has its moments of wit. But it's a bit of a chore for the 21st-century non-specialist. The translation of the Kindle edition I read was outdated a