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An Historical Mystery

Honoré de Balzac

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .had endeavored to undermine her in the community. Her preoccupying thought was the overthrow of Bonaparte, whose ambition and its triumphs excited the anger of her soul,—a cold, deliberate anger. The obscure and hidden enemy of a man at the pinnacle of glory, she kept her gaze upon him from the depths of her valley and her forests, with relentless fixity; there were times when she thought of killing him in the roads about Malmaison or Saint-Cloud. Plans for the execution of this idea may have been the cause of many of her past actions, but having been initiated, after the peace of Amiens, into the conspiracy of the men who expected to make the 18th Brumaire recoil upon the First Consul, she had thenceforth subordinated her faculties and her hatred to their vast and well laid scheme, which was to strike at Bonaparte externally by the vast coalition of Russia, Austria, and Prussia (vanquished at Austerlitz) and internally by the coalition of men politically opposed to. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is also translated as An Historical Mystery or sometimes even The Gondreville Mystery and is in Balzac's group of Scenes from a Political Life. it is quite different from others I've read of Balzac, but so was the one other I've read in this group. There is definitely some mystery here. I had s

Trattandosi di un romanzo che si riferisce a fatti realmente accaduti, con molti personaggi storici, ho trovato un po' ostico seguire la storia del complotto contro Napoleone e poi del rapimento del conte Malin, orchestrato per far ricadere la colpa proprio sui complottisti borbonici che Napoleone a

- Walter Scott! Walter Scott!! I'm so tired of hearing everyone ask why I can't write a novel like Walter Scott!!! Sacré bleu!!!! What's this stupid Scotsman got that I don't got?

- Well Honoré, you know people like their historical novels. They—

- Historical novel. Fine. I'll set my next book in 180

An Historical Mystery is a "mystery" novel written by Honore de Balzac and published in 1841. It is one of that really long La Comédie humaine or The Human Comedy to me thing he wrote and wrote and wrote. I say he wrote and wrote because his Comedy consists of 91 finished works, not just novels or h

Not the best Balzac novel. Lots of secrets. Hidden places in the forest. The story is not a strong one although in parts it was exciting with intrigue, violent confrontations and injustice. The story is set around a conspiracy to depose Napoleón. Quite atmospheric in places with the forest scenes an

Publicado em 1841, faz parte das Cenas da Vida Política.
A ação se inicia em 1803 e é baseado num acontecimento real, o rapto de Clemente de Gris. Napoleão Bonaparte acabava de ser proclamado cônsul vitalício e todas as grandes famílias da aristocracia realistas, que apoiavam os Bourbon, viviam dias

meanwhile, back at the chateau......

Over his productive years, Balzac created the Human Comedy, which like the Chinese scrolls of long ago, shows life in the France of his day in all its detail. Each book making up the whole portrays a particular part of society, its mores, customs, styles, beliefs,

Non ha raccolto il mio entusiasmo questo romanzo che rispetto ad altri capolavori di Balzac presenta, secondo me, contenuti troppo confusi, vicende intricate ed oscure e tanti personaggi, che rendono difficoltosa la lettura. Si tratta di un episodio secondario della Comédie humaine, significativo no

Balzac's tale of a noble family undermined by a conspiracy to depose Napolean. Once involved in an earlier such plot, the household is easily framed to cover-up the true culprits. Balzac uses both real & fictional characters (some used in other works by the author) in one of his lesser known novels.

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