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The Hermit Of - Street

Anna Katharine Green

Book Overview: 

Delight Hunter spends her days looking out of her window at her handsome but very mysterious and reclusive next door neighbor. She walks straight into a mystery when one day a fire starts in one of the upper rooms of his house and she dashes over to warn him, only to have him lock her in with instructions to let no one else in. Why is he so insistent that no one come in? What secrets are hidden within the walls of this house?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .wait for his reappearance, as he evidently expected me to do.

Meanwhile, the alarm had spread, and more than one cry arose from the houses in the rear. I could hear feet running over the walks without, and finally a knock on the door I was leaning against, followed by the cry:

"Let us in! Fire! fire!"

But I neither moved nor answered. I was afraid to be found there, crouching alone in a bachelor's residence, but I was equally afraid of disobeying him, for his voice had been very imperious when he commanded me not to let any one in; and I was too young to brave such a nature, even if I had wished to, which I do not think I did.

"He is overhead! See him—see him!" I now heard shouted from the lawn. "He has dragged the curtains down! He is showering the walls with water! Look—look! how wildly he works! He will be burnt himself. Ah! ah!" All of which gave me strange thrills, and filled the darkness which encompassed me . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Entertaining listening

Another will written romantic thriller mystery novella by Anne Katherine Green with interesting will developed characters. The story line is set in New York City where a man

3 stars & 3/10 hearts. This story was pretty interesting. I was puzzled by the Hermit and worried for Delight; I was delighted by the end—it was such a pleasant surprise! It is slightly suspenseful but not very much so. A woman gets locked up in a bachelor’s home and fleetingly worries about being f

Really odd story. From my modern sensibility, this story is distressing, and I wonder how the author can justify her heroine's actions in concealing what her newly married husband has done. Interesting nevertheless, even though it is thoroughly melodramatic. Worthy of a soap opera all its own!

The favorite pastime of 17-year-old Delight Hunter, a country girl visiting another family, is spying on their neighbor Humphrey Allison, who is constantly poring over his books and papers. Allison is a handsome hermit who is renting the mansion of a widow and her blind daughter who have gone to liv

This is sort of a reboot of Jane Eyre but from the perspective of a mystery rather than gothic romance. Enjoyable if not overly original.

This book doesn't even fit any of my shelves. It's fast- probably a short story in fact. It's got great atmosphere. It's got crazy people and a crazier- than- them plot. I loved it and I thought it horribly contrived. But I loved it! In essence, it's a tiny version of Jane Eyre, which is probably wh

Frightening mystery with LOTS of twists. Good narration. Recommended for those who like strange plots.

An odd classic, comprising a young woman, an unusual man in a really big house and some imprisoned people... Questions to be asked could include; why is this man all alone in this big house and maybe why does a young girl marry someone she doesn't know...
The plot is rather well written though...more

Weird story. How many times have things LIKE this cover-up happened back then? Women had no power at all and some really embraced ignorance.

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