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Heart of the West

O. Henry

Book Overview: 

A collection of short stories by the legendary O. Henry.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mr. Pratt?"

"For the chance they've got," says I, "they're humping themselves in a mighty creditable way. That big one you see is sixty-six million miles distant. It took thirty-six years for its light to reach us. With an eighteen-foot telescope you can see forty-three millions of 'em, including them of the thirteenth magnitude, which, if one was to go out now, you would keep on seeing it for twenty-seven hundred years."

"My!" says Mrs. Sampson. "I never knew that before. How warm it is! I'm as damp as I can be from dancing so much."

"That's easy to account for," says I, "when you happen to know that you've got two million sweat-glands working all at once. If every one of your perspiratory ducts, which are a quarter of an inch long, was placed end to end, they would reach a distance of seven miles."

"Lawsy!" says Mrs. Sampson. "It sounds like an irrigation ditch you was describing, Mr. Pratt. How do you get all this knowledge of infor. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Заглавието „Сърцето на Запада“ чудесно обобщава тематичния сборник с разкази на О. Хенри. Тези деветнадесет истории надзъртат в емоциите, които оцветяват живота на пионерите от американския Запад – а понякога изтъкават и самия вътък, който сплита в едно деянията им, и героичните, и раждащите смеха н

I realized once I started Heart of the West that I had not read anything by O. Henry since September of 2011; that is, not since I began seriously reviewing books. It had been far too long.

I fell in love with O. Henry’s short stories back in 2010. I enjoyed his story The Gift of the Magi, but it was

Phenomenal! I would've read this years ago if I'd realized how hilarious O. Henry is. I love the grandiloquent dialogue, which I can't help but suspect does not read exactly the way that authentic cattlemen of the late 1800s would've spoken.
I was familiar with some elements of some of these stories

Clever, often touching, tales of the Old West.

Really love his ending twists.

**3.5** Thes stories were nothing like my boy hood days of reading 'Larry & Stretch'.

O. Henry is a complete logophile. He absolutely kept me at the dictionary (not that i retained any of these sesquipedalian words. Regardless, all of these short stories had some really nice elements of humour exami

I have always heard about O. Henry, but had never read any of his works. This was an enjoyable romp through the Old West, with typical O. Henry type endings. Most of the books involve romance in some form or other, often with unexpected conclusions.

The narrator was perfect for these stories. Just en

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