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He Fell in Love with His Wife

Edward Payson Roe

Book Overview: 

James desperately needs someone to help him keep his farm going, but has failure after colossal failure finding a good housekeeper. Alida marries a man only to find out he's already married. She's so undone when she finds out that she just wants to go somewhere where no one will judge her for her misfortune, where she can work and keep herself fed and clothed. James and Alida meet and arrange for a strictly business marriage, leaving loving and honoring out of the vows. The title of the book tells the rest of the story, but the way it gets there is worth the journey.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .gh that the widow and her daughter had been an intolerable burden to his neighbor, who had taken advantage of his need and induced him to assume the burden through false representation. To a man of Holcroft's simple, straightforward nature, any phase of trickery was intensely repugnant, and the fact that he had been overreached in a matter relating to his dearest hopes galled him to the quick. He possessed the strong common sense of his class; his wife had been like him in this respect, and her influence had intensified the trait. Queer people with abnormal manners excited his intense aversion. The most charitable view that he could take of Mrs. Mumpson was that her mind—such as she had—was unbalanced, that it was an impossibility for her to see any subject or duty in a sensible light or its right proportions.

Her course, so prejudicial to her own interests, and her incessant and stilted talk, were proof to his mind of a certain degree of insan. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It should be a movie.

“Alida had won his esteem as well as his good will, and it was the instinct of his manhood to protect and champion her. He bought twice as many flowers and seeds as she had asked for, and also selected two simple, flower vases; then started on his r

Peak romance!

I love them both so much *tears up*.

James Holcroft, our MMC, is an old widower who is on the verge of losing his farm, the only home he's ever known, after the death of his wife. There's no one to help him with inside work and dairy has been costing him money instead of earning some.

He has tried, ag

Just a sweet and tender vintage romance.

Ok, this book was just adorable. It was charming, lovely, and totally smile-inducing. I will highly recommend to anyone who loves old-fashioned romances.

I had previously read "A Young Girl's Wooing" by the same author. I enjoyed that one - it is a close friend's favorite book, so I expected a good r

Although the end of the story is summed up in the title, this plot had enough going on that it wasn't terribly predictable, especially in the beginning. Mrs. Mumpson deserves a spot right next to Mrs. Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) in the list of literature's most annoying and ridiculous women! I actu

A charming vintage romance about a poor farmer and friendless woman that enter into a marriage of convenience . . . you'll never guess what happens. ;)

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