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Harding's luck

E. Nesbit

Book Overview: 

Harding's luck is sequel to E. Nesbit's "The House of Arden". It tells the story of Dickie Harding, a disabled boy, who one day accidentally discovers an old magic, that allows him to travel into his own past. There he meets Elfrida and Edred Arden (as told in "The House of Arden") and together they seek for a long lost treasure.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I know'd right enough," he said suddenly and hoarsely; "an' I needn't a-gone if I 'adn't wanted to."

"He's feverish," said the lady, "he doesn't know what he's saying. Look how flushed he is."

"I wanted to," said Dickie; "I thought it 'ud be a lark. And it was too."

He expected to be shaken and put down. He wondered where his crutch was. Mr. Beale had had it under his arm. How could he get to Gravesend without a crutch? But he wasn't shaken or put down; instead, the lady gathered him up in her arms and stood up, holding him.

"I shall put him to bed," she said; "you shan't ask him any more questions to-night. There's time enough in the morning."

She carried Dickie out of the drawing-room and away from the other people to a big room with blue walls and blue and gray curtains and beautiful furniture. There was a high four-post bed with blue silk curtains and more pillows than Dickie had ever seen before. The lady washed h. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I really enjoyed reading E. Nesbit's House of Arden. In House of Arden, Edred and Elfrida meet a young boy, Richard Arden, on one of their trips to the past. They get along with their cousin very well. He seems to understand them and accept them. They even learn that he has "seen" the world they com

This was one of my favourites of E. Nesbit's books when I was a child - though I had to keep getting it out of the library because it wasn't one of the ones that gets infinitely reprinted.

Having just re-read it...yep, still a favourite.

I love how Dickie's time-travelling happens via his "moonseeds"

Are Edith Nesbit's novels where J. K. Rowling got the idea for her Harry Potter series in which magical witches and wizards live secretly among normal humdrum people (muggles)? It was Nesbit, who wrote 60 children's novels, that first started writing about everyday English children discovering magic

The story of a courageous and noble young boy.
(The ending made me feel sad:(((

3.5 stars-- I enjoyed this more than "House of Arden," but I doubt I will ever want to revisit it. Dickie was a dear, though. Not crazy about the ending, but at the same time I'm glad he got to be happy... yet I don't entirely understand what happened to the first Dickie who was there.

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