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The Hanging Stranger

Philip K. Dick

Book Overview: 

Ed had always been a practical man, when he saw something was wrong he tried to correct it. Then one day he saw it hanging in the town square.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He drove slowly past the small square of green in the center of the street, the town park. There were no parking places in front of LOYCE TV SALES AND SERVICE. He cursed under his breath and swung the car in a U-turn. Again he passed the little square of green with its lonely drinking fountain and bench and single lamppost.

From the lamppost something was hanging. A shapeless dark bundle, swinging a little with the wind. Like a dummy of some sort. Loyce rolled down his window and peered out. What the hell was it? A display of some kind? Sometimes the Chamber of Commerce put up displays in the square.

Again he made a U-turn and brought his car around. He passed the park and concentrated on the dark bundle. It wasn't a dummy. And if it was a display it was a strange kind. The hackles on his neck rose and he swallowed uneasily. Sweat slid out on his face and hands.

It was a body. A human body.

"Look at it!" Loyce snapped. "Come on ou. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Hanging Stranger, first published in 1953, when author Philip K. Dick was only 25 years old reveals the younger writer to be interested in horror as much as his later dominated genre of science fiction.

A reader wonders what may have come if this story had become more popular and the young write

When I started this story, I felt an alien presence in the twist right away. Because this is from Philip K. Dick. Most of his storylines flow in illusory environments that brilliantly created by him. This short story was published in 1953 by the young Dick and I found a Lovecraftian touch on it. And

The Hanging Stranger is a short story by Philip K. Dick, which was written in 1953. It is the fourth story in the collection “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”, compiled in 2017, after the television series of the same name. The Hanging Stranger was adapted for filming by Dee Rees, and the episode w

You just can't beat PKD for atmospheric horror. I can't say I liked the story...I wasn't entirely sold on the 1950s-ness of it, Emerson and Philco TVs and Loyce driving his Packard are references anyone more than five years younger than I am isn't likely to follow...but listen to it and be transport

The Hanging Stranger is a short story by Philip K. Dick originally published in December 1953 in the magazine Science Fiction Adventures. It was adapted by Dee Rees into the episode "Kill All Others" or "K.A.O." for the 2017 television series, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Another one of many th

Not Just Hanging Around

What would you do if you discovered, on your way to work, the body of a stranger dangling from a post in the middle of a park? Ed Loyce, owner of a small TV shop, does not think twice but raises hue and cry but the thing that is even more bewildering than the pendular corpse o

Another short story by PKD, this one a bit longer than the other and not taking place in space.

This story is about a man emerging from a cellar where he worked all day long to find a man hanging from a street lamp in his town. The truly unsettling thing about this is that nobody seems to notice or,

Very early PKD horror/SF.

A creepy ghost story with tie-ins to psychopomps and police. :) It really showcases his early knowledge of religions even though it's just a scare/scare. :) Very short story, but quite pleasurable. :)

“The Hanging Stranger”—one of the Philip K. Dick stories chosen for the Amazon series Electric Dreams—is a haunting political allegory about desensitization and social control. It is also scary classic sci-fi thriller, a paranoid repast spiced up a few generous shakes of insect fear. First published

I'm running out of ways to say Dick writes superbly well and I'm really enjoying his work as I progress through it.

Just to be different, I'll talk about the stuff I didn't like so much. I wish it hadn't been about aliens. It feels like a slight cop-out, but I think I'm right in saying this is a very

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