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The Green Rust

Edgar Wallace

Book Overview: 

A millionaire is taken suddenly ill, and sensing his mortality, he asks his attorney to do him one last favor—to find and secretly watch over his missing niece, the daughter of his profligate deceased sister. This niece at the appropriate time would become heir to his millions. However, the millionaire is mysteriously murdered, stabbed to death in his sick bed. Oliva Cresswell, the unsuspecting niece, has been a cashier in a large West End store for five years when she meets a Mr. Beale, a self-described wheat merchant, is attacked in her flat and rescued by this Mr. Beale, is offered a job as his confidential secretary, refuses him, is unexplainably sacked and finds herself in need of his offer. The mysteries multiply and deepen as the story proceeds.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .There was a light in the fanlight of Oliva's flat, for she had brought some of her work home to finish, but Mr. Beale's flat was dark.

This the doctor noted before he closed his own door, and switched on the light.

"Well, White, have you made up your mind?" he demanded without preliminary.

"I—ah—have and I—ah—have not," said the cautious adventurer. "Forty thousand is a lot of money—a fortune, one might say—yes, a fortune."

"Have you raised it?"

Mr. White sniffed his objection to this direct examination.

"My broker has very kindly realized the debentures—I am—ah—somewhat indebted to him, and it was necessary to secure his permission and—yes, I have the money at my bank."

He gazed benignly at the other, as one who conferred a favour by the mere bestowal of his confidences.

"First, doctor—forgive me if I am a little cautious; first I sa. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A story about a secret British heiress and a German doctors plan to wed her to gain half her wealth to fund his country's secret plans to be in control of the world's food supply. And an American detective who gets himself in a legal bind rescuing her while foiling the enemy's plans.

In Ian Fleming's 10th James Bond novel, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1963), 007 foils a plot by the Germanic supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld to use biological agents to destroy a goodly part of the world's farm crops. But as it turns out, this was not the first time that an English author ha

"The Green Rust" is a Radium-Age scifi thriller about bioterrorism by Edgar Wallace, who these days is better known as one of the creators of "King Kong." This is only the second novel of his I've read, and he has written over 170! Unfortunately, this was not as good as the first title I tried, whic

Interesting take on biological warfare. Takes a while to get going, and the plot is kind of pbvious -- but still a good read...more

Rust never sleeps!

This was great fun to read. German anger over their loss in the Great War causes a bold attempt at early biological warfare. A mad German scientist plots the destruction of Europe and the US wjile an intrepid American detective and a damsal in distress struggle to thwart his plan.

I like Edgar Wallace, I really do. But this book is awful. The main character behaves with such arrant foolishness that it is a miracle that she ever managed to walk out the door in the morning without tripping over. The supposed detective misses the most obvious clues and blunders around like an ut

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