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Great Astronomers

Sir Robert S. Ball

Book Overview: 

From the days of Hipparchus down to the present hour the science of astronomy has steadily grown. One great observer after another has appeared from time to time, to reveal some new phenomenon with regard to the celestial bodies or their movements, while from time to time one commanding intellect after another has arisen to explain the true import of the facts of observations

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Tycho had to evade the vigilance of his conscientious tutor, who felt it his duty to interdict all such occupations as being a frivolous waste of time. It was when Vedel was asleep that Tycho managed to escape with his cross staff and measure the places of the heavenly bodies. Even at this early age Tycho used to conduct his observations on those thoroughly sound principles which lie at the foundation of all accurate modern astronomy. Recognising the inevitable errors of workmanship in his little instrument, he ascertained their amount and allowed for their influence on the results which he deduced. This principle, employed by the boy with his cross-staff in 1564, is employed at the present day by the Astronomer Royal at Greenwich with the most superb instruments that the skill of modern opticians has been able to construct.

(The arms, AB and AC, are about 5 1/2 ft. long.)

After the death of his uncle, when Tycho. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Really good information on historical astronomers. The information here helped me when reading “A Brief History of Time” and other books on astronomy and even longitude.

Confieso que a ratos me aburrí con ciertos capítulos, pero el audiolibro que escuché se puede conseguir gratuitamente porque es de dominio público y gracias a eso pude conocer el trabajo de muchos astrónomos que no fueron las súper estrellas del equipo, pero sus contribuciones llevaron un paso adela

"Great Astronomers" written by an astronomer is a homage to the great men in the past. It takes you right to the start from the skies of Ptolemy to Adams. Some known astronomers like Copernicus, Galileo to some unknowns like the sir of The Earl of Rosse. It was delight to read about their lives and

Gökyüzü sevdalısı herkezin okuması gereken bir kitap.O dönemlere gidiyor ve bilim adamlarının ne zorluklar yaşadıklarını anlıyorsunuz.

Written 125 years ago, I cannot recommend it. The style of the writing vacillates between tendentious, flowery, pompous and gushing over the author's subjects. I did finish the book, however, so my rule is to give it 2 stars.

I will mention how I came to obtain the book by chance for those who use, o

Well, the book is okay. Just portrays the lives of great astronomers in a simple way. No elegance or waywarding. Just the plain old simple story telling style which lacks any point where you can get excited by the way the author narrates the story. All in all a good book if biographies interest you.

This book is recommended for those who are interested in space and astronomy .

great astronomers by Robert s.ball
consists of 19 chapters one of them the introduction and then 18 chapters which each of them talks about a well known great astronomer , his life , discoveries & achievements


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