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Gods of the North

Robert E. Howard

Book Overview: 

A very short story, but one of his best from Howard about Conan the Barbarian

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .She drew away from him, dwindling in the witch-fire of the skies, until she was a figure no bigger than a child.

The clangor of the swords had died away, the shouting of the slaughter was hushed; silence lay on the red-stained snow. The pale bleak sun that glittered so blindingly from the ice-fields and the snow-covered plains struck sheens of silver from rent corselet and broken blade, where the dead lay in heaps. The nerveless hand yet gripped the broken hilt: helmeted heads, back-drawn in the de. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Two warriors are fighting on a snowy battlefield, surrounded by the corpses of their fallen brothers in arms. One of them is a young Conan. When the battle is over, Conan is pretty much mocked, taunted and seduced by a beautiful woman. She leads the way to her village and Conan is happy to follow. B

Gods of the North is the seventh Conan story in the Robert E. Howard collection. This one is much shorter than the others I have previously read and reviewed. It includes some Norse mythology, which many say Howard based Conan's universe on. The tale is straight forward with an excellent narrative s

Weakest of all the Conan stories I've read so far. Quite short. Others have already covered the important points.


Buddy read with the Barbarians at WBM

In this episode Conan chases a naked woman across the frozen tundra. Conan is a gentleman. He describes the naked woman's hair in great detail. Not once did his eyes roam below her lips. Be like Conan.

Everyone says this is an early tale in Conan's life, and I guess it must be, since he's still in the Northlands, but this has no real bearing on the story. The story here is a simple one: Conan, near dead in the snow, is taunted and enchanted by a goddess. He pursues her, which is her actual goal, a

This was a good old rip roaring adventure of Conan The Barbarian.

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