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Getting Married

Bernard Shaw

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .uses would not be the only ones to take advantage of the new law. Even women to whom a home without a man in it would be no home at all, and who fully intended, if the man turned out to be the right one, to live with him exactly as married couples live, would, if they were possessed of independent means, have every inducement to adopt the new conditions instead of the old ones. Only the women whose sole means of livelihood was wifehood would insist on marriage: hence a tendency would set in to make marriage more and more one of the customs imposed by necessity on the poor, whilst the freer form of union, regulated, no doubt, by settlements and private contracts of various kinds, would become the practice of the rich: that is, would become the fashion. At which point nothing but the achievement of economic independence by women, which is already seen clearly ahead of us, would be needed to make marriage disappear altogether, not by formal abolition, but by simple disuse. The private con. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Here are the parts thaT i REALLY LOVED
"The stupidity is only apparent: the service was really only an honest attempt to make the best of a commercial contract of property and slavery by subjecting it to some religious restraint and elevating it by some touch of poetry. But the actual result is that

This is the first play that I liked more for its preface than the actual play. In fact, I feel the play only hammers home too forcefully the points made in the preface, to the point where it is no longer entertainment, but a diatribe against marriage. All said, the points George Bernard Shaw makes a

مسرحيه من فصل واحد قليله الاحداث جدا
تشبه جلسه تجمع مجموعه من الاصدقاء على القهوه
تتحدث عن موضوع الزواج فى المجتمع البريطانى عام 1908 من خلال مجموعه من الشخصيات ذوى ميول مختلفه
يتميز الكاتب بالعمق فى ايصال الفكره التى يريدها من المسرحيه

A Question of Divorce
22 April 2020

This is one of those plays that I heard about a while ago and was quite interested in seeing what Shaw had to say about the institution of marriage. This is also one of those plays where he writes a treatise on the subject before actually launching into the play, a

This should be a title of a rap song ; “Who has more wit than George Bernard Shaw?” Whenever I read him I start to fantasize meeting him, we sit sipping tea in an Irish cottage. Where I shall stare at him in awe and absorb his essence in a totally creepy and science fiction way. This play was writte

الزواج في حد ذاته امر محتمل

"هل تسرق ثمرة لفت من أحد أصحاب هذه الأرض المسروقة ؟"

المسرحيه مكونه من فصل واحد ومكان واحد وأحداث تاخذ وتيره واحده ، وموضوع واحد وهو الزواج.

استعرض الكاتب هنا خبرته وفلسفته في صورة ابطال المسرحيه ، فعبر عن الزواج في أوائل القرن العشرين في انجلترا ، وقد نرى الكثير منها يحدث هنا بعد مرور مائه عام !.


This was out there and out dated, but interesting nonetheless. The first 40% is an essay by Shaw about English marriage in the early 1900's, in which he is more pro-divorce (as an option) than he is anti-marriage and overall he's pro-equal rights for women. His arguments were well crafted and the co

شو لا يكتب مسرحية و لكنه يكتب مقالة طويلة يناقش فيه مساوئ و مزايا الزواج.
و كأي مقالة الكاتب يعرض وجهات النظر المختلفة المؤيدة و المعارضة بخصوص موضوع المقالة..

لم يحاول شو أن يبدو متحيزا تجاه أيدولوجية معينة.. بل هو يحاول البحث في أفضل الطرق لإقامة علاقة زوجية سليمة..
مثلا شو يؤيد بشدة فكرة تعدد الزوجا

أعجبتني طريقتها فهذه أول مرة أقرأ مسرحية
اسلوب شو رائع ولا يستطيع مثلي الثناء عليه
شو مثال رائع للكاتب الذي لا يهتم بما يعجب العوام بل يهتم بما يثقفهم ويشغل عقولهم.

طبعا كأغلب كتابات شو لم تخلو المسرحية من الثناء على نبي الاسلام سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وعلى عقيدته فكما نعلم جميعا ان برنارد شو ك

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