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Émile Zola

Book Overview: 

This epic about French coal miners and the burgeoning labor movement is considered one of Zola's finest novels.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . give details about the cooking and watched them stuffing themselves with greasy lips, saying that it was a pleasure to make a cake when one saw the masters enjoying it so much.

But the dogs began to bark loudly; perhaps they announced the music mistress, who came from Marchiennes on Mondays and Fridays. A professor of literature also came. All the young girl's education was thus carried on at Piolaine in happy ignorance, with her childish whims, throwing the book out of the window as soon as anything wearied her.

"It is M. Deneulin," said Honorine, returning.

Behind her, Deneulin, a cousin of M. Grégoire's, appeared without ceremony; with his loud voice, his quick gestures, he had the appearance of an old cavalry officer. Although over fifty, his short hair and thick moustache were as black as ink.

"Yes! It is I. Good day! Don't disturb yourselves."

He had sat down amid the family's exclamations. They turned back at la. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Étienne Lantier - Claude, the painter's brother! Nana, the whore's brother! Jacques, the murderer's brother! Gervaise, the alcoholic's son!

I know this part of the Rougon-Macquart family tree better than any other, and each of the family members stands for a novel that sends a shiver down my spine -

Emile Zola's acknowledged masterpiece written in 1885, the politics are dated as history has shown, his overemphasis on sex, research and common sense have refuted, this is the 19th century, not the 21st, (trying to sell more books ? "Nana," made the same error) his characters are more symbols than

این کتاب را در شرایطی خواندم که تحت فشار کاری شدیدی قرار دارم. شرکتی که من در آن کار می‌کنم یکی از بزرگ‌ترین تولیدکنندهای مواد شوینده در کشور است. به تبع شیوع کرونا، فشار کاری برای ما بسیار بیشتر شد، و فروش و سود برای شرکت چند برابر. ساعات کار طولانی همراه با استرس بیماری و از دست رفتن سلامتی، و دار

اگر میخواید بدونید ژرمینال چطور کتابیه فقط یه جواب دارم: به معنی واقعی کلمه شاهکار.
اگر میخواید بگم موقع خوندنش چه حسی داشتم فقط میتونم بگم: سرگشتگی.
و اگر میخواید بگم جای این کتاب بین خوانده‌های من کجاست جواب میدم: جزو فراموش‌نشدنی‌ترین‌هاست.

امیل زولا یک مجموعه بیست جلدی نوشته به نام روگن ماکار. ت

محشر بود محشر ! خلق این فضا اونم اینقدر واقعی و عمیق قطعا شاهکاره. داستان چندتا توصیف بکر داره از فضاهای مختلف که میشه بارها خوندنشون و حسابی کیف کرد. و چه کرده سروش حبیبی که با قطعیت میگم یکی از بهترین ترجمه‌هاشه.
ژرمینال قصه‌ی انقلابه، تلاش مردم دردمندی که از زندگی خسته‌اند و دنبال تغییر میگردن دنب

The “Germinal” novel was published in 1885 and is considered the main work of Emile Zola. It describes the inhumane conditions in the mines of the French coal mining area of the 19th century.
The novel sheds light on the conflicts and lines of conflict that arise between capitalists and miners, but a

(Books 824 from 1001 books) - Germinal (Les Rougon-Macquart #13), Émile Zola

Germinal was written between April 1884 and January 1885.

Often considered Zola's masterpiece and one of the most significant novels in the French tradition, the novel – an uncompromisingly harsh and realistic story of a coa

Germinal viene a ser Las uvas de la ira francesa. Ambas tienen como objetivo mostrar los efectos de un capitalismo salvaje, sin control ni limitaciones y en ambas el desenlace es descorazonador, aunque también las dos dejan al final esa semillita de esperanza tan necesaria y, quizás, tan contraprodu

Within the first few pages of Zola's striking masterpiece I was completely sucked into his vision of the poverty suffering and slave driven folk of the mining world, first published in 1885 it holds the power and importance for today. As we start with young unemployed railway worker Etienne Lantier

“I am little concerned with beauty or perfection. I don't care for the great centuries. All I care about is life, struggle, intensity.”- Emile Zola

Let me draw a scene for you. I appreciate your patience as I am going to write it as vividly as possible.

The lady on the chair is well past her prime- 40

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