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Genghis Khan

Jacob Abbott

Book Overview: 

This book provides the history of one of the most renowned emperors of all time. The Great Khan. This was a man born Temujin to a clan leader father who was later poisoned. The family was left unprotected and without power to fend for themselves on the Eurasian Steppe. Genghis later rose to power and founded the Mongol Empire, one of the largest in all of history. Despite his great achievement and ferocious reputation there is much we do not know of him, even what he looked like. Historians state that there is not a single portrait of the man that survives to the present day. All current renditions are done after his death by people who never knew him. His death is recorded and his entombment discussed...but all remains to be found.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .One of them was to the King of France. In this letter the writer tells the King of France of his great wealth and of the vastness of his dominions. He says he has seventy kings to serve and wait upon him. He invites the King of France to come and see him, promising to bestow a great kingdom upon him if he will, and also to make him his heir and leave all his dominions to him when he dies; with a great deal more of the same general character.

Other letters.

The other letters were much the same, and the interest which they naturally excited was increased by the accounts which the missionaries gave of the greatness and renown of this more than royal convert, and of the progress which Christianity had made and was still making [Pg 75]in his dominions through their instrumentality.

The probable truth.

It is supposed, in modern times, that these stories were pretty much all inventions on the part of the missionaries, or, at least, that the accounts whic. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Very readable.

Great historical fiction

Originally published in 1888, this book happens to be quite outdated. Jacob Abbott wrote the series "Makers Of History" aiming at children as its primary audience. Hence, it's also very simplistic the way it was written (although this is not necessarily a bad thing).

If you want to read an accurat...more

A basic outline of Genghis Khan's life. Hardly any details talking about strategies, or emotions. Bit judgey at times.

okay for a quick read.

Probably my first book on Genghis Khan.
Informative sometimes.

This simply narrated history of Genghis Khan traces the life of the great conqueror, from being the son of a minor chieftain in Mongolia to becoming the ruler of arguably the largest empire in history. The language is archaic, as it was published in the late nineteenth century. The names of perso...more

Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination to the name Ghengis Khan, it was my father who always kept me fascinated in Ghengis Khan. The fact that a barbarian from a pastural land was able to conquer almost entire Europe till India is pretty unthinkable, indeed Temujin as his real name is, has...more

A good read on Genghis Khan and his exploits

History is generally a boring read, but this one didn't feel as dry. There were some parts where I believe the author could have refrained from repeating himself. The end particularly saw an awful lot of repetition. Not too had overall though.

The book was written way back in 1880s and is pretty plain,simplistic and elementary . It is narrated in "bare facts and observation" mode and is quite informative. Read it to get a historian's point of view on the life and events in Temujin aka Genghis Khan.

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