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Gargantua and Pantagruel - Book 2

François Rabelais

Book Overview: 

The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel (in French, La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel) is a connected series of five novels written in the 16th century by François Rabelais. It is the story of two giants, a father (Gargantua) and his son (Pantagruel) and their adventures, written in an amusing, extravagant, satirical vein. There is much crudity and scatological humor as well as a large amount of violence. Long lists of vulgar insults fill several chapters. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . understand thereby that he had found it very good, and that he did lack but so much more. Which when they saw that attended him, they bound him with great cable-ropes, like those that are made at Tain for the carriage of salt to Lyons, or such as those are whereby the great French ship rides at anchor in the road of Newhaven in Normandy. But, on a certain time, a great bear, which his father had bred, got loose, came towards him, began to lick his face, for his nurses had not thoroughly wiped his chaps, at which unexpected approach being on a sudden offended, he as lightly rid himself of those great cables as Samson did of the hawser ropes wherewith the Philistines had tied him, and, by your leave, takes me up my lord the bear, and tears him to you in pieces like a pullet, which served him for a gorgeful or good warm bit for that meal.

Whereupon Gargantua, fearing lest the child should hurt himself, caused . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I enjoyed this more than Pantagruel, which was written earlier but set later. Gargantua is better plotted. Amongst the extravagant, obscene, bawdy nonsense, it includes an almost serious account of the title character's education, which consists not of rote drills, but of puzzles and games to learn math, readings an...more

This was one crazy story! It's very reminiscent of Voltaire's Candide but with a great many lewd jokes and a lot of dirty humour.It's bawdy, yes, but it also offers some philosophical insights into society. It's hard to believe that this book was written over 5 centuries ago.

In 1980, the comic strip of Dino Battaglia appeared in Italy after the work of Rabelais.
The author is accustomed adaptations of literary works.

2001 will see the publication in French of the drawings accompanied by the arranged text (see for this purpose the explanatory forewords...more

La vie très horrifique du grand Gargantua, père de Pantagruel et de ses parents, Grangousier et Gargamelle (créatures semi-divines, descendants, à ce qu’il semblerait, du roi Arthur et de Merlin), est l'un des rares livres qui provoquent, à la lettre, de rire “à gorge déployée”. Tout dans ce récit est évoc...more

Ortaçağda içinde bastırdığı her ne var ise grotesk bu metinde de o var. Rönesans döneminin başladığına kimse onun kadar sevinmemiştir herhalde zira başlamasaymış tüm bu içinde tuttukları hasebiyle orta yerinden çatlar patlarmış Rabelias :)

Rönesans öncesi yazılmış, skolastik düşünce eleştirileri barındıran, oldukça eğlenceli bir kitaptı.

Kitap masal tadında başlayıp basit bir tempodan sonra iyi bir sonla bitiyor. Kitaba biçilen paye bana biraz fazla gelse de edebiyat eleştirmeni değil sıradan bir okurum sonuçta.

Duvar ve güneş saati hakkında der ki;

"..benim bildiğim asıl zaman kaybı saatleri saymaktır...dünyada en büy...more

Gargantua was printed and edited first in 1534-1535, (printing had just been invented,)
Pantagruel, son of Gargantua, was published first in 1532.
By François Rabelais, 1495 ?- 1553 (America had just been discovered,)
To make any sense of the works of Rabelais, we must take into account...more

Sanatın her dalına yön vermiş Fransız yazar, filozof ve hekim François Rabelais'in 1534 yılında yasaklanan eseri "Gargantua"nın devlet büyükleri ve din adamlarına dair metaforik eleştirileriyle kendine hayran bırakan tek kelimeyle mükemmel bir eser olduğunu söylemeliyim. Okudukça Rabelais'in vizyonuna şapka çı...more

Douglas Adams'ın Otostopçunun Galaksi Rehberi serisinin ilk kitabında bahssettiği bir eser olduğu için ikinci kitaba geçmeden okudum. Yazarın bahsettiği şekilde "Milyar Kocaoburbeyin"

Gargantua ismi, garg en toi sözünden yola çıkılarak bulunmamıştır. Gargantua'nın doğumundan hemen sonr...more

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