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Games for Hallow-e'en

Mary E. Blain

Book Overview: 

This charming book starts with a brief history of Hallowe'en. There are sample invitations for a Halloween (or Hallowe'en) party, decorations, and then many party games. A number of them have to do with who your future mate might be, although there are games and activities for younger children as well. All games seem to utilize common household objects, like sewing needles, pencils and paper, apples, and pumpkins. There is also a long list of riddles!

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Book Excerpt: 

Apple seeds act as charms on Hallowe'en. Stick one on each eyelid and name one "Home" and the other "Travel." If seed named travel stays on longer, you will go on a journey before year expires. If "Home" clings better, you will remain home. Again, take all the apple seeds, place them on back of outspread left hand and with loosely clenched right hand strike palm of left. This will cause some, if not all, of seeds to fall. Those left on hand show number of letters you will receive the coming fortnight. Should all seeds drop, you must wait patiently for your mail.

Put twelve apple seeds carefully one side while you cut twelve slips of blank paper exactly alike, and on one side of each write name of friend. Turn them all over with blanks uppermost and mix them so that you will not know which is which; then, holding seeds in your left hand; repeat:

  "One I love,
   Two . . . Read More

Community Reviews

too many "whoever wins gets married first" and repurposed victorian Christmas games in the first half. The second half is riddles and what people have to do if they lose/forfeit.

Overview: How did the Edwardian era celebrate Hallowe'en? Let's find out.

Dislikes: There were too many fortune telling games in this book.

Likes: The riddle section was fun, and some of the games sounded interesting.

Conclusion: With today's political climate, these games could easily offend party goe

An interesting look at how people used to celebrate Halloween. But most of the games revolve around predicting who is going to marry who. And tend to be a bit convoluted at that.

If one associates parlor games with any holiday, it's Christmas. Nonetheless, Halloween used to be a "Scotch night" of old-world superstitions and fortune-telling games. This book outlines many of those, as well as some humorously outdated riddles and plays on words to be used as stumpers.

Catch your man

All this seems to be about is catching a man. But since ive been married 16 years kinda useless. But fun for teens. Maybe. A couple of things.