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Gabriel Conroy

Bret Harte

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Olly.

"Olly," he said, taking her face in both hands, after his old fashion, "ef anything at any time should happen to me, I want ye to think, my darling, ez I always did my best for you, Olly, for you. Wotever I did was always for the best."

Olly thought instantly of the river.

"You ain't goin' into deep water to-day, Gabe, are you?" she asked, with a slight premonitory quiver of her short upper lip.

"Pooty deep for me, Olly; but," he added, hastily, with a glance at her alarmed face, "don't you mind, I'll come out all safe. Good-bye." He kissed her tenderly. She ran her fingers through his sandy curls, deftly smoothed his beard, and reknotted his neckerchief.

"You oughter hev put on your other shirt, Gabe; that ain't clean; and you a-goin' to Mrs. Markle's! Let me get your straw hat, Gabe. Wait." She ran in behind the screen, but when she returned he was gone.

It had been raining the night before, but on the eart. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Интересный и запутанный роман, при чтении которого ощущаешь что всё время напряжён/напряжена.

«Голодовая» экзистенция одной семьи! Неужели голод делает нас умнее?! Может ли голод заставить нас есть друг-друга? Вопрос скорее философский, чем «гастрономический». Каннибалы ли мы? Думаю лишь «конройевская» ситуация может дать самый правдивый ответ на столь опасный вопрос.

What happens when Bret Harte, predominately known for his short pieces, writes a novel? You get Gabriel Conroy: an mix of settings, scenarios, and characters familiar from his short fiction. These elements accumulate over a number of plot restarts and reveals, such that the novel feels as if it were

Дело происходило в середине XIX века в Калифорнии, сперва пропала группа людей, чудом выжила, после разбрелась по стране. На том бы и заканчивать повествование, поскольку форма рассказа исчерпала себя и не подразумевала продолжения, но Брет Гарт решил развить тему. И развил её в неведомые дебри таин