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Four Meetings

Henry James

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Well," I said, "you have not gone yet, and nevertheless you are not crazy."

She looked at me a moment, and said, "I am not so sure. I don't think of anything else. I am always thinking of it. It prevents me from thinking of things that are nearer home, things that I ought to attend to. That is a kind of craziness."

"The cure for it is to go," I said.

"I have a faith that I shall go. I have a cousin in Europe!" she announced.

We turned over some more photographs, and I asked her if she had always lived at Grimwinter.

"Oh, no, sir," said Miss Spencer. "I have spent twenty-three months in Boston."

I answered, jocosely, that in that case foreign lands would probably prove a disappointment to her; but I quite failed to alarm her.

"I know more about them than you might think," she said, with her shy, neat little smile. "I mean by reading; I have read a great deal I have not only read Byron; I have r. . . Read More

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أربع لقاءات بامرأة تحلم بالسفر لأوروبا القديمة العزيزة، نرى في كل لقاء قرار من قراراتها نحو حلمها.
"“Don't tell me,” I said, “that this wretched man is going to give you bad news!”
“I suspect it is a little bad, but I don't believe it is very bad. At any rate, I must listen to it.”
I looked at her agai


“I must have my little cup after breakfast."
“Ah you breakfast at this hour?”
“At mid-day – comme ce la fait. Here they breakfast at a quarter past seven. That ‘quarter past’ is charming!

Em “Four Meetings”, Henry James apresenta-nos mais dois americanos fascinados pela Europa, sendo este conto talv

هنري چيمس بيحاول يكسر الصورة النمطية للبطولة. مفيش مصباح علاء الدين هيحقق الأمنيات، مفيش مُعجزة أو أقزام سبعة أو أمير بحصان هيساعدوا في النجاة، وحتي الصديق الوحيد لم يشدُد من أذرها. المرة دي البطلة لوحدها تمامًا.

أبطال الرواية كلهم بلا إستثناء - بقصد أو بغير قصد- إنهزاميين ومُتخاذلين في حقهم وحق غير

Esta nouvelle nos presenta al inicio las esperanzas de Caroline (una maestra norteamericana) de conocer Europa, para lo cual se ha preparado leyendo lo mejor de la literatura europea; algo de historia y guías de viaje. Sin embargo, a través de los cuatro encuentros, el lector puede contemplar los pl

السلف تلف، والرد خسارة
ميبقاش أبنى فى حجرى، وأدور أدور عليه
مثل شعبى مصرى
نصيحة مجرب لا تسلف أحداً مالك الذى أعطاه الله لك دائماً وجه مالك فى اتجاه الربح أو الإنفاق العاقل أو التوفير فى غير بخل ولا شح
ولا تقترض من أحد مالاً حتى وإن كان بنكاً لأن فى الرد خسارة فى الحالتين فالمُقرض إما أحرجك بطلبك ماله،

★★★★☆ (4/5)
A selection of my favourite passages from the book

• 'I am not so sure. I don't think of anything else. I am always thinking of it. It prevents me from thinking of things that are nearer home — things that I ought to attend to. That is a kind of craziness.'
• 'I know more about them than

Más un relato largo que una novela corta, una historia aparentemente intrascendente contada con concisión y grandes elipsis.

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