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The Flood

Émile Zola

Book Overview: 

A well-to-do French farm family is destroyed by a flood. The story, thrilling to the very end, is told from the point of view of the family’s 70-year-old patriarch. The story speaks of the helplessness of mankind in the face of the forces of nature.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .e talk about the heavy rains of the last few days. Some seem to think that they will cause trouble."

In effect, it had rained for sixty hours without stopping. The Garonne was very much swollen since the preceding day, but we had confidence in it, and, as long as it did not overflow its banks, we could not look on it as a bad neighbor.

"Bah!" I exclaimed, shrugging my shoulders. "Nothing will happen. It is the same every year. The river puts up her back as if she were furious, and she calms down in a night. You will see, my boy, that it will amount to nothing this time. See how beautiful the weather is!"

And I pointed to the sky. It was seven o'clock; the sun was setting. The sky was blue, an immense blue sheet of profound purity, in which the rays of the setting sun were like a golden dust. Never had I seen the village drowsing in so sweet a peace. Upon the tiled roofs a rosy tint was fading. I heard a neighbor's laugh, then the voices of. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This novella, a work of fiction, is based on a real event. In June of 1875 in Toulouse, France, the Garonne River, after heavy rains, flooded the town killing hundreds. Grandfather Louis Rouben, who lives with his family, his children and grandchildren, and his brother and sister, is a successful fa

I kept on scratching my head after finishing this book. My forefinger and middle finger drumming on my skull and a new sort of disconcerting bewilderment in my eyes!

This drumming was at once followed by the faint clanking of a loosely stitched steel button on my cuff which was vibrating with the tap

It is based on a true event when a river near Toulouse was overflowed and the was a flood. As a result many people died. In this book we read about a whole family dying and only one person was lucky to be alive. While reading this book you feel as if you are with them struggling for the lives. I pla

Ένα μικρό διήγημα που αρχίζει και τελειώνει με τον πρωινό καφέ, τι καλύτερο;

Ο Ζολά πάντα παραμένει πρώτος και σημαντικότερος εκ των νατουραλιστών. Προσωπικά, κανένας στο ρεύμα δεν τον ξεπέρασε στην ικανότητα του να χτίζει με φοβερή ένταση την αφήγηση του, έχοντας μια ποιότητα στην απεικόνιση της πρ

Readathon 2017 24/26: Ένα βιβλίο με λιγότερες από 100 σελίδες

Η τραγική ιστορία του Λουί Ρουμπιέ την στιγμή της υπερχείλισης του ποταμού Γαρούνα. 70 σελίδες που νιώθεις την απόγνωση, τον τρόμο, την θλίψη, την ανάγκη για επιβίωση ή ακόμα και την παραίτηση που βιώνει ο Λουί και η οικογένεια του σε ένα

Bu ay hep daha önce okumadığım yazarlara öncelik verdim. Böylece uzun zamandır aklımda olan kitaplara da el atmış oldum.

Sel yorumuna güvendiğim bir arkadaşımın önerisi üzerine aldığım bir kitaptı. Emile Zola ile tanışma kitabım olan bu kısa öykü (her ne kadar uzun öykü olarak kategorize edilsede old

"..كان ذلك مساء يوم جميل، وخطر لي أنّ سعادتنا برمتها، المحاصيل الوفيرة، البيت الهانئ، خطبة فيرونيك، كل ذلك يمطر علينا من الأعلى ويهبط علينا في نقاوة النور نفسه. كانت بركة تغمرنا مع وداع المساء .
...عدت إلى وسط الغرفة، كانت الفتيات يتحدثن ونحن نستمع إليهن مبتسمين حين.. حين.. حين دوّت صيحة فظيعة في الح

Description: Then the water began an attack. Until then the stream had followed the street; but the debris that encumbered it deflected the course. And when a drifting object, a beam, came within reach of the current, it seized it and directed it against the house like a battering-ram. Soon ten, a d

Sorry to be Floody McFeedFlood*, but I've been doing a lot of book-escaping lately, and boy was this ever the ticket to perspective. Mood swing, you say? Read a story about a man watching children, grandchildren, siblings, future in-laws, friends, and servants alike, all up shit's creek without a pa

Our country is not immune from any strong tropical storms since it is located near the Pacific Ocean where typhoons that usually hit the eastern parts of Asia develop. In October 2013, the world was appalled to hear the news that the super typhoon Yolanda, Haiyan for its international name, complete

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