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The Flaming Forest

James Oliver Curwood

Book Overview: 

A tale of mystery, romance, and honor, as David Carrigan must choose between his duty as an officer of the law and a girl who holds him captive; a girl who Carrigan thinks he may have fallen in love with no less! Who is this strange girl Jean-Marie, and why won’t she give him his freedom? And who are the people that she surrounds herself with along the great Canadian rivers and wilderness barrens and forests of the northwest?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .eat bear—the fighting wolves—the crest of St. Pierre Boulain!

He took a quick step toward the table—then caught at the back of a chair. Confound his head! Or was it the big bateau rocking under his feet? The cat seemed to be turning round in its basket. There were half a dozen banners instead of one; the lamp was shaking in its bracket; the floor was tilting, everything was becoming hideously contorted and out of place. A shroud of darkness gathered about him, and through that darkness Carrigan staggered blindly toward the divan. He reached it just in time to fall upon it like a dead man.


For what seemed to be an interminable time after the final breakdown of his physical strength David Carrigan lived in a black world where a horde of unseen little devils were shooting red-hot arrows into his brain. He did not sense the fact of human presence; nor that the divan had been changed into a bed and the fou. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A fun escape to the north woods.

Everyone is familiar with the idiom “We always get our man” in reference to the diligence displayed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but does this also apply to the fairer sex? David Carrigan, sergeant in the R.C.M.P., is given the assignment to track down and arrest Black Roger Audemard, a know

As we begin, David Carrigan, who mere moments ago, had set out to get his man in great white north, is in the fight of his life. Nature is beautiful. The river rustles. The birds twitter. But someone wants our Mountie dead. And they are a darn good shot.

After that opening, which is quite well done,

My grandfather-in-law was a huge fan of James Oliver Curwood. When I'd visit my spouse-to-be at her parents' house in New Hampshire, he'd be sitting in a chair reading Curwood. So, I borrowed a copy or two and got interested as well. After he passed away, I inherited his collection of Curwood novels

Impossible to review. Picked it up at a garage sale and had a wonderful afternoon and evening. It took me back to reading adventure stories of many years ago—the heroic character who took on all challenges, loved the outdoors, was a gentleman to the core, and ultimately gave up being a North West Mo

When David Carrigan of the Canadian Mounted Police is sent on a mission to catch Black Roger Audemard he feels he has picked up an unusually difficult, but enjoyable job. He is to bring his man back, dead or alive. But after a peaceful weeks journey into his trip he is attacked by an unknown enemy a

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