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The Fireside Chats

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Book Overview: 

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt thirty radio addresses made throughout his terms as President of the United States between 1933 and 1944. The speeches are snapshots of American life during the turbulent decade that included the Great Depression and World War II.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .On the contrary, we must make it a national principle that we will not tolerate a large army of unemployed and that we will arrange our national economy to end our present unemployment as soon as we can and then to take wise measures against its return. I do not want to think that it is the destiny of any American to remain permanently on relief rolls.

Those, fortunately few in number, who are frightened by boldness and cowed by the necessity for making decisions, complain that all we have done is unnecessary and subject to great risks. Now that these people are coming out of their storm cellars, they forget that there ever was a storm. They point to England. They would have you believe that England has made progress out of her depression by a do-nothing policy, by letting nature take her course. England has her peculiarities and we have ours but I do not believe any intelligent observer can accuse England of undue orthodoxy in the present emer. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I found these transcripts a fascinating glimpse into the history of events that took place over eleven years. The difficulties faced by the Great Depression, the swiftness of government action, entrance into World War 2, and actions taken to reassure the people during the war. This is primarily usef

【2022Book03】The Fireside Chats of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I admire and always want to know more about FDR. His New Deal and his leadership during the Second World War saved the USA from desperation, which can be described by a Chinese idiom roughly meaning “saving the situation from the raging wa

Having been born just after the "Great War," World War II, and being interested in history. especially not someone's opinions and views of history, but the actual words, I did thouroughly enjoy this book. Penguin published the paperback I read in 1995.
It covers FDR's "Fireside Chats" from the time

How far the American Democratic Party has plummeted ...

I guess the United States has always been plagued with rampant partisanship on both sides - it's the ugly underside to any democratic nation. But it seems to me there was still such better balance on the political spectrum between right and lef

This is a quick read at only ~90 pages, and it shows the superb communication and rhetoric displayed by FDR. It’s really interesting to hear his perspective on the role of the media, the American people, and the state and federal governments especially in contrast to the current public discourse sur

I loved being able to read the fireside chats of this President. I great historical collection

Listened to this via Audible in the original recordings by FDR. That alone is reason enough to listen. Of the 30 fireside chats, most are good, if not a bit repetitive.

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