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Fécondité. English

Émile Zola

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The ambitious woman that was in her, she who dreamt of royalty for that only son, the future princely owner of the ever-growing family fortune, likewise suffered horribly. If she was to lose that son she would have no child left. Why had she none other? Was it not she who had willed it thus? At this thought a feeling of desperate regret shot through her like a red-hot blade, burning her cruelly to the very depths of her being. Maurice, however, at last recovered consciousness, and even sat down to the table and ate with a fair appetite. Then Beauchene immediately shrugged his shoulders, and began to jest about the unreasoning fears of women. And as time went by Constance herself ceased to think of the incident.

On the morrow, when Mathieu had to attend to the delicate mission which he had undertaken, he remembered the two women of whom Celeste, the maid, had spoken on the day of his visit to the Seguins. He at first dismissed all idea of that Madame Rouche, of . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Emile Zola was a novelist as famous in France as his contemporary Charles Dickens was in the UK. He wrote novels about how social conditions, heredity, and environment were inescapable forces in shaping human character. He called this Naturalism, and his first major work, Thérèse Raquin, written in

Döl Bereketi Zola'nın Dört İncil serisinin ilk kitabı. Zola'yı çok sevmeme rağmen benim için zor bir okuma oldu. İlk sayfalarda ekşi sözlükte sıkça rastladığım "Zenginler bir çocuk yaparken fakirler neden bu kadar çok çocuk yapıyor?" polemiği ile karşılaştım. Sanki entryler karakterlerin ağzından di

Probably the most exhaustingly moralistic book I've ever read. Large swathes of the book are taken up by repetition of the same paeans to fertility, cultivating the land, and the "natural" harmony of things. Yet the book is not even that morally pure, with its rampant belief in colonialism (and colo

Un roman du fin XIXème siècle
C’est probablement le roman le plus ancré dans la logique de son temps. L’auteur part avec une thèse à démontrer et il y arrive avec une narration plutôt manichéenne, où il balaye rapidement et d’une manière très naïve les réflexions sociétales et économiques, qui normal

Slow at times. Genius at times. I was a bit disappointed by Zola's seeming support of European imperialism in Africa at the end even though, for the most part, he keeps up with his theme of the necessity a socialist brotherhood. The curious thing about this novel is that Mathieu is Pierre Froment's

Eines der skurrilsten Bücher, das ich je gelesen habe. 1899 geschrieben, die Geschichte eines Paares, das am 158 Kinder, Enkel und Urenkel in die Welt gesetzt hat und dessen Nachkommenschaft, nachdem sie ganz Paris und Umgebung dominiert, nun auch anschickt, Afrika zu besiedeln. Natürlich interessan

Все канавы Парижа наполнены трупами младенцев! От нежеланных детей избавлялись любыми доступными способами, невзирая на возможные риски. Дети мешали карьере, ставили перед необходимостью кормить ещё один жадный рот. Матерям оставалось поить новорожденных собственной кровью, либо отдавать их на расте

It always seemed odd to me that Zola claimed to be an optimist, given the darkness of his "Naturalist" style. This book, though it dwells mainly on scenes of depression, crime and poverty, is about happy people. I couldn't help but feel he was all stirred up and waxing philosophical at the time of h