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The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals

Charles Darwin

Book Overview: 

The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals is a book by Charles Darwin, concerning genetically determined aspects of behavior. It was published thirteen years after On the Origin of Species and alongside his book The Descent of Man, it is Darwin's main consideration of human origins. In this book, Darwin seeks to trace the animal origins of human characteristics, such as the pursing of the lips in concentration and the tightening of the muscles around the eyes in anger and efforts of memory. Darwin sought out the opinions of some eminent British psychiatrists, notably James Crichton-Browne, in the preparation of the book which forms Darwin's main contribution to psychology.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . must not use their sharp little teeth or claws too freely in their play, though this sometimes happens and a squeal is the result; otherwise they would often injure each other's eyes. When my terrier bites my hand in play, often snarling at the same time, if he bites too hard and I say GENTLY, GENTLY, he goes on biting, but answers me by a few wags of the tail, which seems to say "Never mind, it is all fun." Although dogs do thus express, and may wish to express, to other dogs and to man, that they are in a friendly state of mind, it is incredible that they could ever have deliberately thought of drawing back and depressing their ears, instead of holding them erect,—of lowering and wagging their tails, instead of keeping them stiff and upright, &c., because they knew that these movements stood in direct opposition to those assumed under an opposite and savage frame of mind.

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Community Reviews

Make sure you read the Paul Ekman-edited new version. Darwin, of course, is a genius, and this book seems so modern so as to be unimpressive for our era. It was ahead of its time in its cross-cultural analysis in Darwin's era, and even in the 60s Darwin's theories caused a scandal in the anthropolog

لم يعلم السيد داروين انه بملاحظاته الدقيقة هذه على الانواع المختلفة من الحيوانات و الحيوانات العليا( الإنسان) سعيا وراء التوسع فى اثبات نظريته عن النشوء و الارتقاء ، أنه بذلك من اوائل من وضعوا ملاحظات دقيقة عن الانفعالات البشرية و اسبابها و محاولة تتبع اصلها اذا كانت متوارثة من آباءنا او ظهرت من خلا

آااااه .. وأخيرا" انتهيت من تناول عشرة كيلوغرامات من الشحوم والدهون الثلاثية! ربما الكتاب ليس بهذه الدسامة لكنه أوائل الكتب العلمية الصرفة التي قرأتها مما دعاني لهذا الإحساس.

الكتاب يحتوي على نظريات تفسر إنحدار بعض التعبيرات عند الإنسان من الحيوانات الأقل رقيا"، كما يفسر منشأ أو أصول البعض الآخر استن

Under-appreciated historic classic and sadly, most updated textbook we have on the subject.

Warning: if you read this book in a public space - like, say, a Subway - you will absent-mindedly start contorting your face in line with the facial expressions described in this book.

This book is more a historical document than a scientific paper, by today's requirements for scientific documents.
Darwing collects here his notes on the expressions of humans with a single chapter about animals and some referrences to monkeys, so the title is highly misleading (it annoyed me, anyway

Let me tell you how I got to this book.

You may already know the dictum of Jean Paul Sartre about animals as ‘animated things’, that is animals are moving things without emotions. This has revolted me always, but only recently I delved into this, subsequent to my encounter with a calf.

I have been ob

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