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The Essence of Buddhism


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Practice the art of "giving up."—Fo-sho-hing-tsan-king.

Speak not harshly to anybody.—Dhammapada.

May I speak kindly and softly to every one I chance to meet.—Inscription in Temple of Nakhon Vat.

Offensive language is harsh even to the brutes.—Suttavaddhananiti.

Courtesy is the best ornament. Beauty [17] without courtesy is like a grove without flowers.—Buddha-charita.

He knew not the art of hypocrisy.—Jatakamala.

Let a man say that which is right, not that which is unrighteous, ... that which is pleasing, not that which is unpleasing, ... that which is true, not that which is false.—Subhasita-sutta.

As he who loves life avoids poison, so let the sage avoid sinfulness.—Udanavarga.

He sees danger in even the least of those things he should avoid.—Tevijja-sutta.

Sin easily develops.—Rock Inscriptions of Asoka.

May I never do. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Ease your mind. Ease your life.

Our western ways always benefit from eastern religion and philosophy. If we as humans can draw on the spirit and the supernatural, we can achieve a more balance life (where love lives).

A good start
The book is a good way to approach Buddhism in a fairly accessible manner. It depics the Buddhist principles so that anybody will be able to understand. I happily recommend it to anyone willing to get an overview of Buddhism.

Este libro brinda un paneo general de lo que es el budismo...more

In relation to the First Noble Truth
The enlightened person fully accepts the reality of impermanence and unavoidability of suffering so that when it occurs they do not increase the suffering through their resistance to it.
Acceptance should not be interpreted as enjoyment in a masochistic sense. T...more

Great for absolute beginners

If you've had no experience with the principal's of Buddhism and meditation, this is a great book to start with. It gives a direct, straight to the point approach to Buddhism. However, I recommend that one spends a great deal of time studying and applying the principle...more

Good read

Very simple - straight-forwarded and informative. I enjoyed it as a basic introduction and appreciated that it ended with a meditation overview as a way to move me forward.

Short insight into the practices of Buddhism

This was a perfect introduction (very short) to get familiar with the core practices of Buddhism and it’s benefits for anybody curious. More specifically, it familiarizes us with the four noble truths and the eight-fold path: the beginning of a journey...more

Amazing Starter

This book teaches an easy way to meditate and easily explains the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-Fold Path. I would recommend this book to whoever would like to learn what Buddhism generally is.

This is a very quick read. Is a very good simple overview of the Buddhist philosophy. It was recommended by one of my friends who was with us in Italy. I am going to send him Buddhist Boot Camp as this book describes how you can apply Buddhist philosophy to your every day life without having to b...more

Isn’t Buddhism such a marvellous belief system?

I’m finding myself drawn to it more and more as I get older. It is just full of so much wisdom and altruistic virtue. I truly believe in its principals. I wish I could live them fully. One day I’d like to be able to call myself a Buddhist.

The four...more

It's a nice "starter kit" to understand buddhism.

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