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The Emperor of Portugalia

Selma Lagerlöf

Book Overview: 

The Story is set in Vaermland around 1860 or 1870. In the center is Jan of Ruffluck Croft. He loves his daughter more than anything, but when she moves to Stockholm and never sends a word home about her doings, he sinks into a dream-world where she is a noble Empress of Portugallia. And he believes himself to be Emperor too. His whole world and all his thoughts are dominated by the thoughts of her return and what will happen then. In the role of Emperor in the poor forest country where he lives he can question the social hierarchies around him, and dressed in his Royal regalia he sits in the frontbench in the Church, and he takes the place of honor at Parties etc. After 15 years his daughter returns home and is shocked to see what a mad clown her father has become.

Selma Lagerlöf was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .in numerous falls and rapids, between which were short stretches of dark still water and places where the stream ran, clear and transparent, over a bed of sand and smooth stones.

Think of it! After the first week she had no luck with the fishing. The worms were gone from all the hooks, but no fish had fastened there. She shifted her tackle from rapid to still water, from still water to rippling falls, and she changed her hooks—but with no better results.

She asked the boys at Börje's and at Eric's if they were not the ones who got up with the lark and carried off her fish. But a question like that the boys would not deign to answer. For no boy would stoop to take fish from the brook, when he had the whole of Dove Lake to fish in. It was all right for little girls, who were not allowed to go down to the lake, to run about hunting fish in the woods, they said.

Despite the superior airs of the boys, the l. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Acabei agora mesmo e estou assoberbada. A singeleza da história vai nos cativando, pouco a pouco, até culminar num ribombar do coração. Faz lembrar um conto narrado à lareira numa noite de chuva e de frio por uma ternurenta Avó ou Avô.
Por vezes é na simplicidade que encontramos maior beleza. Foi o

Uma história comovente sobre o amor paternal. Jan dedica sua vida a sua filha Clara Bela, quando ela parte ele entre num estado de loucura.
Este é um livro que nos demonstra o sacrifício de um pai disposto a fazer todo pela sua filha, mas esta não ajuda seu pai quando este precisa.

Nesse momento as mulheres viram-lhe com certeza nos olhos um brilho especial, notaram-lhe na voz uma inflexão que as divertiu, porque a parteira reprimiu um sorriso e as outras desataram a rir.
- Então o senhor nunca tinha gostado de ninguém a ponto de sentir bater o coração?...-perguntou a parteira.

L'amore di un padre
La svedese Selma Lagerof è una scrittrice grandissima, Premio Nobel 1909. "L'imperatore di Portugallia" è successivo all'alto riconoscimento ricevuto, ed è un capolavoro letterario, un monumento all'amore paterno, o meglio all'amore in assoluto e ai suoi prodigi.
Il rude Jan speri

Questa è una favola, una favola amara. La storia dell’amore così sconfinato e sviscerale di un padre per la propria figlia . Jan di Skrolycka scopre l’amore per la sua unica figlia nello stesso istante in cui la prende in braccio per la prima volta. E per un povero contadino delle Askedalar, in cui

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Mas que bela surpresa! Que história maravilhosa!
E pensar que tenho este livro há mais de 30 anos sem nunca o ter lido...
Mas também é verdade que agora, certamente, o apreciei muito mais do que se o tivesse lido nessa altura.

Gostei imenso da história, cheia de ternura mas sem

I bow to Selma Lagerlöf!

It is hard to describe what Selma Lagerlöf means to my understanding of literature. She has an obvious place on a piedestal since she was the first woman to be accepted into the Swedish Academy, and also the first to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Her work occasio

Den vackraste och sorgligaste beskrivningen av villkorslös kärlek jag någonsin har läst.

I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. It caught me unexpectedly off guard and I liked it immensely.

What I had heard about it before was that it explored the psychological response of a man letting his daughter go out into the world. What I found was a heart-wrenching story about lov

Tenant farmer Jan loves his daughter Glory Goldie more than anything in the world. But financial problems cause his daughter to move to Stockholm to find work at 17. She soon stops sending letters home, having fallen into a bad lifestyle. To cope, Jan sinks into a world of his own imagination, where

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