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Elsie's Motherhood

Martha Finley

Book Overview: 

After the Civil War, Elsie and her family return to their home in the South, dealing with the upheaval that the Reconstruction Era brought during the years after the war.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Oh then he won't die! he won't die, our dear, dear papa!" cried both children in a breath.

"No; God has been very good to us all in causing the ball to strike where it could do but little injury. And Edward, I hope this will be such a lesson to you all your life as will keep you from ever disobeying again."

They were passing up the avenue, Eddie moving submissively along by his grandfather's side, but with tottering steps; for the dreadful excitement of the last hour had exhausted him greatly. Perceiving this Mr. Dinsmore presently took him in his arms and carried him to the house.

Low pitiful sobs and sighs were the only sounds the little fellow made till set down in the veranda; but then clinging to his grandfather's hand, he burst out afresh, "O grandpa, I can't go in! I can't, I can't see mamma, for she can't love me any more."

The mother heard and came quickly out. The tears were. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Sometimes I wonder while reading these, if their author was living in a perpetual rainbow bubble. While I can imagine that a rosy picture of Southern Reconstruction was painted for Northern abolitionists and philanthropists after the Civil War, there was still an overflow of information that came ba

This is the best book of the Elsie Dinsmore series. I love learning about this time in history!I especially like learning about the Klu Klux Klan and the civil war.

5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I love each of these books so very much. At first blush the children seem a little too good, but then they do act up a little, and you love them enough that they don’t bug you. I love Elsie so much & she is such an inspiration & a blessing. I truly believe that in Jesus one ca

This series is a bit Calvinistic in its theology, and it's also a bit uber-Christian; i.e., the Christians are really, really good and the non-Christians are really, really bad.

It was good, but I got bored in the middle so I basically just skimmed the rest.

I just can't finish this, about halfway through the book I lost interest. I don't know why, it wasn't bad, it's just that I can't connect with the characters. They are role models, but I can't connect or relate to any of them. :(

An old fashioned feast

I feel like I've been nourished when I read these Elsie Dinsmore books. This one was very exciting as it introduced the Ku Klux Klan into the narrative. Another wonderful story by Martha Findlay.

More focused on Elsie's children than Elsie at this point, it's still a pretty good book. At some point I'm going to come through and reread all these and write actual reviews and give actual ratings, but for now, I'll just say that it was good. :)

I grew up reading Martha Finley's stories about Elsie and loved them as a child. Re-reading them in adulthood, I can't help but struggle with the moral perfection of Elsie, Travilla, and the majority of her children. They live a picturesque life in a setting that realistically would have been destro

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